Gas prices in fairbanks alaska

Fairbanks, AK

gas prices in fairbanks alaska

ALASKA GAS PRICES - Anchorage Alaska - February 22nd 2016

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This average rate was approximately 9. Year over year, the average residential natural gas rate in Fairbanks decreased 2. Year over year, the average industrial natural gas rate in Fairbanks increased 1. An estimated , residential consumers use natural gas in Alaska, which is approximately 0. Fairbanks: There are an estimated 5, residential natural gas customers in the city of Fairbanks.

I see the rental cars are very expensive compared to other areas of the US and I need to put a budget on how much we have to shell out for gas prices. We plan on renting and return it in Anchorage and travel only around Kenai peninsula. Any help is greatly appreciated. Gas prices are rising almost every day so be ready to pay more than what you would pay today. Hence budget accordingly. The least expensive gas we always find in Anchorage.

Forgot my password. The national average price for a gallon is down by 75 cents since mid-September, according to AAA, while the drop in Anchorage has been closer to 43 cents. There are stations with prices that are lower by 10 cents or more in the state's largest city. While prices in Anchorage and Fairbanks continue to decline, they remain 65 to 85 cents above the national average. There are many factors other than the price per barrel that go into what customers pay at the pump for refined fuel, however, such as local competition or the lack of it, utilities, labor and when a station is resupplied.

But that uniqueness, too, is sometimes manifest in the exceptional challenges in our corner of the world, whether because of its isolation and remoteness; its extreme climate; its high rates of issues like domestic violence, alcoholism, and suicide; or its exceptionally high cost of living. As you can see in the table below and in the actual Nome receipt for the items pictured the costs for these basic groceries are double, triple, or even quadruple their Lower equivalents. The price differences are staggering for basic energy costs, too. And for a business like ours, kilowatt-hour electricity costs are five times as high: Our remote location is a big part of the answer. Our local electricity supply is, similarly, affected by our remoteness. This makes our electricity far more expensive; even small homes in Nome tend to have monthly utility costs of several hundred dollars.

Fairbanks Gas Prices

State gasoline taxes total 45 cents a gallon, in addition to the That adds to transportation costs because ships cost more than pipelines, which is how much of the gasoline in the U. The state with the next highest cost for gasoline is Alaska, where state fuel taxes are a mere





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