Samsung smart tv model number

Samsung TV models number 2002-2019 lookup, decode explained (LED,QLED)

samsung smart tv model number

TV Repair STEP #1 Help IMPORTANT TUTORIAL How To Find Your TV Model Number Tutorial TV Repair Help

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Samsung produces a range of televisions, in a variety of sizes with a selection of unique features. Looking at the company's website or popping into a shop can be bewildering, though, as you try to work out what the differences are and which is the best one for you. Here, we'll get you off the starting line when choosing a new Samsung TV. But first, a bit of background. It then takes a few months for these to actually be launched and appear in UK shops, with April to May being the usual release window. So, here's the lowdown on how it all works.

Consider the designation of Samsung TV models. Can decipher the Samsung TV model number. In the model number there is information for which region the TV was released, the year when the TV model was developed and sales began, the type of screen, the model number and the type of digital tuners. Make no mistake the first letters in the model number mean the region for which the TV was made, and not the country in which the TV was assembled. You can find out where the Samsung TV is made from the serial number.

It may not seem like it at first glance but there is some method to the madness behind the bizarre names given to TVs. Samsung's TV names, in particular, don't exactly roll off the tongue but given the vast array of sets the company sells across multiple regions, its engineers needed to devise a system to bring a bit of logic to proceedings. These guidelines apply to TVs sold in the UK, other regions may vary. The first two numbers behind the region and model identifier represent the size of the TV. To work out what your current TV screen size is, measure from the bottom left-hand corner to the top right-hand corner in a straight line. Following these numbers is the model year label. This can be one or two letters followed by a number.

What does look like for Samsung TVs? The world's biggest manufacturer of televisions is, as always, firing on all cylinders. You can expect to see modular televisions, new 8K upscaling techniques, expanded use of the Bixby smart assistant and, strangely enough, an exclusive iTunes app for Samsung TVs. With the annual IFA expo coming up in September, too, there looks set to be even more big thinking from Samsung on the way. Samsung is expecting the 8K market to grow pretty quickly over the next few years up to 2 million units per year by , and double that in but in the meantime the main focus is on the 4K TVs on offer.

How can we find the Serial number and model of Samsung TV?





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