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find bible verses by keywords

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A key word is a word or phrase that functions to unlock the meaning of a text. There are a number of key words in John's Gospel but the most important is believe [ pisteuo ]. John used the verb believe 98 times which is more than all the uses in the Synoptic Gospels combined. And so it is not surprising that John's purpose statement in Jn - note emphasizes that those who believe in Jesus will receive life in His Name. Given John's purpose and the predominance of the key word believe, it is not surprising that one often hears the statement which of course would be difficult to objectively measure that more souls have believed in Jesus through the reading of the Gospel of John than any other book in the Bible! Perhaps God will clarify this for us when we get to heaven. Here are the Key Words in the Gospel of John in the NASB version - Note that the approximate number of uses of each word searched so as to find plural forms, etc is found in the Gospel of John is in parentheses.

There are two search types which are described below. Dynamic is the original thought for thought Bible Search. So in addition to searching the literal text of the Bible, it is topical, while associating synonyms, tenses and passages with like meaning. Literal is created for more specific word studies, and does not match synonyms like the Dynamic search does. Literal Search is similar to other Bible search sites, with the exception that results are ordered by relevance, to provide the best Bible Passage results. When selecting a Literal search, you then will select Tense Sensitive matches the exact Bible verse passage text or Tense Insensitive matches any tenses of words found in the verse text. So for instance, on a Tense Insensitive search, if you type the keyword: bring, it will search for bring, brings, brought, and bringing.

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People quote the Bible in a variety of contexts. Simply knowing a couple of words from a verse can be enough to help you locate it if you know how. Turn to the page the book starts on and look for the chapter number, which will be listed in numerals. Once you find the chapter, identify the verse number, which will also be in numerals. To learn more, like how to use a concordance to look up a bible verse, read on! This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Together, they cited information from 12 references.


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