Best performance cars under 30k

The best cars under $30,000 in 2019

best performance cars under 30k

The 25 Best Cars Under $30, Considering all the performance and engineering prowess put into the Veloster N, you'll struggle to find a.


For that price, you can easily find a useful vehicle or maybe one with excellent fuel economy like a cheap hybrid! But what if you're looking for thrills, for some speed? With advances in powertrain technologies such as turbocharging and weight-saving measures, modern cars are quicker than they've ever been. That applies even to affordable vehicles like those gathered here. We haven't tested a Spider since its introduction for the model year, but it hasn't changed in the meantime, so the car you can buy today likely performs as it did two years ago: With its standard six-speed manual transmission, the Fiat reaches 60 mph in 6. That's not as quick as the Miata, despite the turbocharged Fiat's torque advantage lb-ft to lb-ft , but then again, the Miata recently received an infusion of horsepower it now makes to the 's ponies. Blame the Fiat's heavier curb weight, which is partly the result of its additional bodywork front and rear and its nicer interior.

In List Articles. So, you have a budget of 30K and want a fast car. Given that the average new car price in North America can top 40 grand in a heartbeat, finding the fastest cars under 30K may require a nod to the used car market. Luckily, at 30K, you do not have to buy a very old car. Depreciation hits many fast cars hard over the first three years of their lives. Since 30K is quite a substantial budget, we are going to limit our list to cars that are no more than 5 model years old…just to keep the thing manageable. We are also going to limit ourselves to models that are actually available in North America.

Even for enthusiasts. Here are our picks. Considering all the performance and engineering prowess put into the Veloster N , you'll struggle to find a better driving experience for the price. For the longest time, enthusiasts associated the Corolla name with boring economy. With the new Corolla hatch, we can finally report that's no longer the case.

But the truth is, there's a whole bevy of compelling cars available for thousands less than that.
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In fact, some of the greatest deals you will find are on used cars. Each of these cars falls into the sports car category with a small caveat — they are all two-door coupes. These five made the list for a few reasons. This is the most important reason. If you need four doors you can always check out our recommendations on the best AWD four-door sedans.

The 25 Best Cars Under $30,000

June 13, There used to be a time when the sports car was something that you could only drive if you had worked your whole life for it. Unfortunately, many sports cars tend to be a little too steep to afford for many of us, but there is always the used car market.


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