Why do i feel more energized with less sleep

The less I sleep the better I feel, is this...wrong?

why do i feel more energized with less sleep

Sleeping in on the weekend could do wonders for your energy level. Just a little bit of exercise will help you feel more energized throughout the day, fall.


These days, it seems like productivity has been misnamed as a virtue, and how little sleep you get is almost a badge of honor. The good news is that you can make up for lost time — quickly. Recent studies have shown that just three to four nights of more sleeping in yes, sleeping in can make up for sleep debt and reduce our tired sighs. Have you ever had an energy guide that recommends you sleep, eat, and exercise without compromising your weekend? Well, ours does. Follow this flexible three-day guide to reset your energy.

Everyone needs a little support from time to time to take the next step. I am here to listen and help you achieve what your heart desires. Moderated by Raifiel Cyril , Masters in Applied Psychology Counselor Everyone needs a little support from time to time to take the next step. Top Rated Answers Anonymous June 30th, pm. It may depend upon when you're waking up. If you're sleeping for a long time, you're likely entering REM sleep an important, restorative sleep state , and will undergo several such cycles in a given night. Waking up within a REM cycle can make one feel more groggy, meaning that it may simply be a matter of timing.

We all have different sleep needs , and no single, precise amount of sleep in any of the steep stages is right for everyone. Feeling better after less sleep — including after getting less Deep or REM sleep — could be the result of your body trying to compensate for sleep deprivation. These hormones supply the sensation of alertness. However, this natural boost comes at a high metabolic cost, and eventually the need for sleep reasserts itself. Often, the crash comes hard and fast. Waking up from the first night of sleep after a night without sleep — or after a night of broken sleep — is often followed by grogginess the next morning, not alertness. This effect occurs because the circadian rhythm is still out-of-whack and also because the total sleep debt may not have been repaid.

It has been almost a decade since I was first diagnosed with Insomnia. But believe me, since then I have absorbed myself in this intriguing world of sleep. Over the years, I have researched about sleep, talked to experts, read hundreds of journals and talked to family and friends to collect their experiences about sleep, sleep products and all that affects sleep. Does sleep affect productivity and your performance? But with the fast pacing lifestyle and the insane race to catch up and touch upon everything that a day has to offer, it is time to rethink this idea and give it a more practical attire that fits more realistically into an urban lifestyle. So here comes the reality check… You have no fixed sleep hours. Some days it is five and some days you may be lucky to get in another brownie hour and make it six.

How to Sleep Less and Feel Great

Why Are You Always Tired?

Feeling Better with Less Deep Sleep

If you feel refreshed after sleeping for seven to nine hours , then there's no need to change your habits. But some people simply don't need that much slumber. Use the following tips to cut back and see if it helps you feel better the next day. If you tend to wake up before your alarm goes off, try getting up whenever you wake up naturally. It's important to note that if these tips don't help or if you wake up feeling exhausted most mornings, as opposed to refreshed, an underlying medical issue such as sleep apnea , restless legs syndrome, depression, or something else may be to blame. Remember, each person has different sleep needs. Just because your spouse feels good after nine hours of sleep each night doesn't necessarily mean that you need to spend as much time in the sack to feel your best.

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    If you wake up during light sleep, you will feel much more alert and energized. Waking up in deep sleep is what makes you feel groggy and.

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