What do you season a cast iron skillet with

All About Seasoning

what do you season a cast iron skillet with

It's the at-home work you do to turn a cast iron pan into an heirloom, and it's as important for your cooking as the iron your pan is made from.

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About Stories Videos Locations Search. What is Seasoning? Seasoning is simply oil baked onto the iron that prevents rust and provides a natural, easy-release finish that continues to improve with use. Seasoning can refer to both the initial finish of the cookware as well as the ongoing process of maintaining that finish. About the Oil Lodge uses soybean oil to season our traditional cast iron and carbon steel cookware. There are no synthetic chemicals added at all.

Blue jeans need wearing in. Guitars need tuning. Cast iron pans need seasoning. When subjected to high heat, long chains of fat molecules break down into short-chain polymers that bond with naturally produced carbon and bare iron, forming a kind of glaze. This is seasoning, and it has smooth, non-stick properties similar to Teflon.

Seasoning cast iron doesn't have to be intimidating. Here are the steps for both cleaning and seasoning cast iron skillets. If you want, you can forget seasoning cast iron yourself altogether and go with Lodge Cast Iron available at hardware and cookware stores as well as retailers like Williams-Sonoma and Amazon , a line of preseasoned skillets from Lodge Manufacturing, the oldest U. Give grilling your salad a try. A cast-iron skillet isn't ideal for a set-aside-to-soak sort of person. For best results, rinse the pan with hot water immediately after cooking.

In this case, “seasoning” doesn't mean adding salt and pepper to taste, Do not, I repeat DO NOT wash your cast iron skillet with dish soap.
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All well-maintained cast-iron skillets will become more nonstick with time. While you might think this will take years, we found a significant difference in our pans after just a few weeks of regular use in the test kitchen. Properly maintaining the seasoning on your skillet begins with properly cleaning it. Here are a few guidelines for keeping your pan in optimal shape. These guidelines are for traditional cast-iron skillets; enameled skillets can be treated more like other pots and pans. This layer becomes trapped within the pitted surface of the pan and bonds to the metal itself, creating the slick coating known as seasoning. Repeated exposure to hot oil continues to build on this coating, making it more slippery and durable.

Of all the prized possessions in my kitchen, one of my favorites was also probably the cheapest. I am talking, of course, about my trusted cast iron skillet and the layer of seasoning upon it. When you get a cast iron skillet , before you cook a single thing in it, you begin the seasoning process. Rub a little bit of vegetable or olive oil into the surface of the pan and put it upside down in a degree oven. Slide a cookie sheet or bigger pan underneath to catch any oil drips.

Cast Iron Use & Care

Cleaning and Seasoning

Cast iron is easy! Here are some tips to keep your food delicious and your cast iron happy. Head here for dozens of recipes you can cook in your cast iron! Occasionally, you may notice some dark residue on your paper towel or cloth when cleaning. It will disappear with regular use and care. Stay away from dishwashers and metal scouring pads, which can harm the seasoning. About Stories Videos Locations Search.



Lodge uses soybean oil to season our traditional cast iron and carbon steel cookware. cast iron, and while that is still okay, we do not recommend it unless you If the seasoning on your pan is sticky, this is a sign of excess oil building up.
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