Real time web apps with angularjs and firebase

Firebase: Real-Time Database Using AngularJS

real time web apps with angularjs and firebase

Realtime Web Apps with AngularJS and Firebase


We you! The goal of this tutorial is to guide you through the creation of a Slack clone called fireSlack. Upon completion, you will learn how to build a real time collaborative chat application using angularFire to integrate Firebase with AngularJS. Your application will be able to provide the following features:. We'll be using Firebase 3 and AngularFire 2 for this tutorial which are both the latest versions for each library.

In this tutorial we will be creating a simple status update app that will let us see how AngularJS and Firebase interact. As ever, the code for this tutorial can be found on GitHub. Installing Angular Material will give us other packages as well, including the most recent version of AngularJS. Angular MD5 will give us a quick way to hash email addresses which will be needed for getting Gravatar images for our users. For this purpose http-server is ideal.

Comment 1. Today, we're going to talk about Firebase, a powerful Google mobile platform that provides a bunch of tools such as storage, cloud messaging, hosting, and a real-time database that can be accessed via web, iOS, or Android app. Then, we need to add Firebase configuration in our index. To do that, we need to go into the Firebase console and get the initialization code, as you can see in the image below. This service will be responsible for creating our links to the Firebase real-time database. Here, we are going to use two important functions in the firebase library. This function returns a direct link to the root structure of our documental database.

For further resources on using AngularJS with Firebase, see the tutorial series Creating a Web App From Scratch Using AngularJS and.
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Real-time applications are nothing new, however we have only recently seen them used in applications that we use on a daily basis. Users have been exposed to the user experiences that real-time technology provides, and are now demanding those experiences in apps they use. The leading social platforms like Facebook and Twitter are all built upon real-time web technologies. They represent one of the main ways we communicate with one another. Real-time powers the instant notifications and updates that are a major part of what makes them so popular. But real-time isn't limited to only displaying data as soon as it's available.

Building real-time applications with SignalR is easy. But building real-time applications with JavaScript will be a problem if you are not aware of Firebase. I first heard of it when I was learning AngularJS. The official AngularJS site has the example where you can add, edit and delete the detials in real-time. This example uses Firebase as the storage and updates the UI in real time.


Build a Real-Time Slack Clone using AngularFire

Using Firebase and AngularJS to Make Real-Time Applications



Ryan Chenkie demonstrates how AngularJS interacts with Firebase as he Build a Real-Time Status Update App with AngularJS & Firebase as Angular 2, React, and Aurelia as well as other modern web technologies.
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