How to deal with a know it all husband

The Horrible Habit Highly Intelligent Spouses Have and Donít Even Know It

how to deal with a know it all husband

ADVICE GODDESS: Mr. Know-It-All husband saps the joy from her life Then, when he makes some remark, unless I respond with "I agree" or.

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If yes, you may need to determine if you are giving too much unsolicited advice to your partner. I work with a lot of people who have the best of intentions when they offer their spouse advice. However, despite their attempts to be well-meaning, it can often blow up in their face. Amy just hit the nail on the head with that one!! Lamar and I are both guilty of this.

I work with a lot of insanely intelligent men who are unhappily married to equally brilliant women. They keep a constant death grip on their intellectual identity. They discovered their secret gift at young age and started showing it off. They were quickly recognized and rewarded for their quick wit and superior mind. Adults bragged about them and cheered them on through all of their scholastic achievements. These whiz kids focused full time on developing their persona and skill to the exclusion of other things and other people. And that problem is complicated with yucky, uncooperative variables called feelings.

Living with a know-it-all is annoying, to say the least. The unsolicited Maybe it's your mother, your son or, like me, it's your husband. Perhaps.
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Dear Advice Goddess: My husband is extremely analytical, to the point where he has a negative or argumentative response to almost anything I say? Then, when he makes some remark, unless I respond with "I agree" or "uh-huh," he debates me. I've repeatedly asked him to stop making everything an argument, but he insists that he's just giving his "honest opinion. He's turning my happy self into a miserable, depressed self.? Always Wrong. Dear Always Wrong: A man doesn't make his wife's every innocuous comment a springboard for an intellectual death match because he's "analytical" and "honest" but because he feels like a skin tag among men. What your husband's showing you isn't love; it's narcissism.

Why does my husband do this? My husband is a bit of a know-it-all. He will go on and on about something for which there really is no reason for him to know that much about the particular hting he is talking about because he's never had much experience with it or anything I feel like "I don't know" is not part of his vocabulary but it should be a part of everyone's vocabulary! How hard is it to stop and consider "I don't really know the answer to that with certainty" and to respond "I dont know"?

Smarty pants, wise guy, smart aleck ó we all know one. Whether at family get-togethers, at the office, or in a social setting, know-it-alls are everywhere and they know everything. Sometimes it is utterly unbearable to spend time with these annoying individuals even if you have tried to engage, endure, or even empathize with them. In the end, it might be best just to avoid them, but if they are friends, family, or coworkers of people you know, it is still possible to come into contact with them. Therefore, you better be prepared to deal with them. To create this article, 23 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. Together, they cited 15 references.

Husband is a Know it All

Dealing with a Know it All - FAQ Series

ADVICE GODDESS: Mr. Know-It-All husband saps the joy from her life






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