Is there an aunt day

small talk: national aunt and uncle day

is there an aunt day

National Aunt and Uncle's Day on July 26th honors a special set of relatives we look up to throughout our There are over 1, national days.

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National Today. Aunts and uncles are notoriously great listeners. There are plenty of reasons to celebrate the aunts and uncles of the world and on July 26, we commemorate National Aunt and Uncle Day! Time with your aunts and uncles is great, but these precious moments seem to happen only when the whole family gets together. Try getting to know your aunts and uncles outside of these settings, and you'll surely find that there's a lot more to Auntie Vi than you knew! Your aunt and uncle have done a lot for you. Return the favor.

During holidays, family events and sometimes sleepovers, aunts and uncles often hold an extraordinary place in our hearts. They fill our lives with fun, laughter, love and incredible memories. It would be an excellent time to get out the old photo albums. Look through the pictures, and relive the memories of earlier days around the Christmas tree or at the 4th of July picnic or maybe at the beach vacation that included those special aunts and uncles in your life. Get together with your relatives and create new memories. Remind them of all the reasons you enjoy having them in your life.

Today is National Aunt and Uncle Day , and while I'm not always on board with all these random so-called national holidays though, like, I'll celebrate National Junk Food Day , if you insist , I think this one is a really lovely concept. But our aunts and uncles do a lot for us or at least mine do a lot for me and we should have a day to give thanks for that. It's heartwarming, dammit, so get on board. And if you ARE an aunt, remind your nieces and nephews that you are always there for them, and that they should really consider, like, maybe taking you out for ice cream today. Or something. In the spirit of this holiday, we gathered what we honestly think are things you can absolutely count on your aunt for.

It's National Aunt Day, So Here Are 7 Things You Can Always Count On Your Aunt For

Family Fun Pack Aunt & Uncle Gender Reveal


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