Call of duty black ops 4 ix easter egg

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call of duty black ops 4 ix easter egg

This page contains the complete Easter Egg walkthrough for IX, one of the four Zombies Maps that are available at launch in Call of Duty: Black.

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Similar to earlier iterations of Call of Duty titles, every Zombies Map in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 features an elaborative Easter Egg that requires you to complete a series of smaller puzzles scattered throughout the map. Read on to learn how to do so:. In order to get the Pack-a-Punch machine, you need to kill all the 4 Champions in the map and put their heads on spikes. They will be indicated at the bottom of the screen i. Danu, Ra, Odin, and Zeus. Let us talk about where these champions are and what to do after defeating them.

Chronologically, it is the third map in the Chaos story. There are also Zombified Tigers that appear randomly throughout the map. The map also introduces a new wonder weapon, the Death of Orion , as well as a new variant of the shield, the Brazen Bull. The map is relatively small, with players spawning in a tunnel that leads into the main arena. From there, the player can either buy the door to the Danu temple or Ra temple, with the Odin and Zeus temple gates being accessible from the inside.

The posse arrives in a deadly coliseum, and must fight to survive endless hordes of the undead. You can reach a unique boss battle and earn an ending, if you complete some incredibly secret steps. Thankfully, this one might just be possible. You might even be able to complete the map solo. Learn how to solve ever step of this massive puzzle in the full, complete main Easter egg quest guide below. Check back soon for more steps.

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Pretty tricky, huh?, If your not looking to do Easter egg you can still add me, I would also like to knock out achievements in any map. I am trying to find a group only for this.

While previous Treyarch Call of Duty games have had Easter eggs and puzzles to solve in the Zombies mode, there's only usually been one or.
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    Despite abandoning the solo campaign, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has still managed to impress with a robust trio of multiplayer modes.

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