Wizard of oz chess set

WOW !! SO RARE ! Wizard Of Oz Chess Set Cookie Jar by Star Jars ONLY 300 MADE !

wizard of oz chess set

American Revolutionary War Chess Set Hand Painted

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Index Content [ show ]. Wizard of Oz Lithopanes. This is a collection of Wizard of Oz lithopanes, based on photographs from the movie. I made these as decorations for a school community event. Small versions of the group photo were given away as souvenirs Wizard of Oz Souvenirs.

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My place to say things about chess that I can't say in the other places where I say things about chess. This is 2 of The cookie jar is about 18" X 18" not sure. Did not want to take out of the inner wrappings. Only taken out of box for picture. This all is in excellent condition.

Look at this whole page!! The hat is a hard plastic This is one of the neatest jars I have seen. One of my favorites! Check back later! After these first 79, they discontinued making these and went to the round base.


Harry Potter Wizard's Chess Set Unboxing! - Noble Collection

Wizard of Oz chess set

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