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Nickelodeon unveils Blue’s Clues & You! licensing strategy

blues clues whats new blue

What's New Blue is the fifth episode of Blue's Clues from Season 4. Blue and her friends are trying out new things and so Blue and Steve decide to create.

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Past hosts of the iconic Blue's Clues make a cameo in the upcoming series. Screenshot from Nick Jr's Twitter. In a two-minute video posted by Nick Jr, we meet Josh — Blue's latest buddy — who can seem to understand what the clue-seeking blue dog wants. So what do you do when you're clueless? Call two people who know Blue the best! Josh turns to his handy dandy notebook — which now apparently is also a phone on the other side — and calls his cousins, OG Blue's Clues host Steve and Joe, to help him decode Blue. Check out this clip as they return to help Josh play his very first Blue's Clues pic.

Steve Burns and Traci Paige Johnson in Blue's Clues () Steve and Blue are inspired to create a newspaper to tell everyone what's new around the house .
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By Denise Petski. Production begins this month in Toronto. With each signature paw print, Blue identifies clues in her animated world that propel the story and inspires viewers to interact with the action. The casting of Dela Cruz was the result of an opening casting call that began last April in Southern California. He can definitely fill my shoes, and the rugby shirt. The landmark series also raised the bar in preschool television by exploring advanced subject matter such as sign language, geography, physics, emotions, and anatomy.

The show was originally hosted by Steve Burns , who left in and was replaced by Donovan Patton until Blue's Clues became the highest-rated show for preschoolers on American commercial television and was critical to Nickelodeon's growth. It has been called "one of the most successful, critically acclaimed, and ground-breaking preschool television series of all time. The show's producers and creators presented material in a narrative format instead of the more traditional magazine format, used repetition to reinforce its curriculum, and structured every episode the same way. They used research about child development and young children's viewing habits that had been conducted in the thirty years since the debut of Sesame Street in the U. Research was part of the creative and decision-making process in the production of the show and was integrated into all aspects and stages of the creative process. Blue's Clues was the first cutout animation series for preschoolers and resembles a storybook in its use of primary colors and its simple construction paper shapes of familiar objects with varied colors and textures.

Blue's Clues - S04e10 - What's New, Blue


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