What is a ned rig

Ned Rig Fishing Tips: How To Fish The Ned Rig

what is a ned rig

Over the last two years, the Ned Rig has definitely been picking up steam among recreational and tournament anglers alike. Just a short time.

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He has been writing about fishing since the s and has documented the growth of Midwestern finesse from its origins near Kansas City in the s. The rig itself is nothing complicated: mainly a small, light mushroom-shaped jighead paired with half of a soft-plastic stick bait such as a YUM Dinger or a bait made expressly for it. The back of the head fits flush against the blunt end of the stick bait, and a touch of Super Glue anchors it. He adds that the Ned Rig is an ideal lure for co-anglers or others who fish from the back of a boat. While the Ned Rig is sometimes mistakenly thought of as a small-fish approach, it also catches big bass and enough keepers to build confidence when fishing is especially tough. Because the Ned Rig is essentially a finesse bait, King uses light gear to fish it. The key to success with the Ned Rig is to fish it slowly and let bass show their preference as far as what sort of retrieve they prefer.

Featured Image Credit: ShopKarls. At the same time, Z-Man was launching the Finesse TRD, which to most bass anglers at the time, looked like an ugly plastic that would never amount to much in the bass fishing industry. Fast forward to today and this video has over 80, views and somehow continues to grow. To put that in perspective, my uploads normally get a hundred views here and there so if this stat tells me anything, it is the rig is intriguing more and more anglers everyday. When I put that video together, I was a young college student just trying to catch bass and write a few fishing articles when I had time to. I had been using this rig for a few years and was fascinated with its ability to produce so many bites.

According to Kehde, the all-time record was set by one particular 4-inch Z-Man Finesse WormZ, with which he caught fish. More recently, while testing a TRD HogZa relatively new 3-inch finesse baitKehde caught 55 bass in 69 minutesall in frigid degree water. It was still in really good shape. The larger truth is Kehde remains chiefly responsible for developing an amazing fishing system his friend and fellow Hall of Fame writer Steve Quinn originally termed the Ned Rig. The next big development in the Ned Rig narrative occurred a half century later, the day Kevin VanDam showed Kehde an early ElaZtech bait while fishing together in

Just a short time ago this ultra-finesse setup was known only in the backyard of its birthplace in the Midwest, but today, you would be hard-pressed to find a serious bass angler who didn't have some variation of the Ned Rig on-hand. Below is a list of missteps we see over and over again from our customers that certainly limit the success of this unique presentation. The fact is that you will get more bites and maximize the effectiveness of ElaZtech finesse baits by using a jighead with a small, light wire hook, whether it's one of our Finesse ShroomZ or a jighead made by another manufacturer. At rest, the baits stand up off the bottom and move ever so slightly, even when deadsticked. On the fall, the buoyancy allows for a slower, more horizontal, sometimes spiraling descent.

The Ned Rig is the Ultimate Bass Fishing Rig

You whip that pool cue of a fishing rod and send your 2 oz swimbait what seems like a mile, splash. Plop, plop, plop it goes that near musky sized topwater bait that you just know will catch the big one. You start that steady slow retrieve and wait for the tug.





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    Ned Rig Fishing Tips: How To Fish The Ned Rig. TheNed Rig (AKA theMidwest finesse rig), has taken the bass world by storm. However, to save anglers rigging hassles, Z-Man fishing has recently come out with products specifically designed for the Ned rig the Finesse T.R.D.

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    The Ned Rig is the Ultimate Bass Fishing Rig Fishing Online

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