What is a sacrifice fly

Why it's time for MLB to rethink the outdated sacrifice fly rule

what is a sacrifice fly

MLB - Scoring From Second Base On A Sac Fly

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In baseball , a sacrifice fly sometimes abbreviated to sac fly is defined by Rule 9. It is called a "sacrifice" fly because the batter allows a teammate to score a run, while sacrificing his own ability to do so. Sacrifice flies are traditionally recorded in box scores with the designation "SF". As addressed within Rule 9. The purpose of not counting a sacrifice fly as an at-bat is to avoid penalizing hitters for a successful action. The sacrifice fly is one of two instances in baseball where a batter is not charged with a time at bat after putting a ball in play; the other is the sacrifice hit also known as a sacrifice bunt. But, while a sacrifice fly doesn't affect a player's batting average , it counts as a plate appearance and lowers his on-base percentage.

The sacrifice fly was a part of major league baseball, off and on, for 36 of the 65 seasons before , when it became, for the first time, a separate item in the official statistics. It has had a very checkered history and the reader may have trouble understanding or even following the various changes. In the entry "sacrifice hit" first appeared in baseball box scores. During the seasons, players received credit for advancing baserunners on bunts, ground outs and fly balls. Batters were not exempted from an official team at bat when credited with a sacrifice.

Sacrifice Fly - SF

A sacrifice fly is basically a play when the batter sacrifices his ability to run, to make sure a team mate on his team that is already on base can advance and get closer to home plate and score., A sacrifice fly occurs when a batter hits a fly-ball out to the outfield or foul territory that allows a runner to score.

Sacrifice fly

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A sacrifice fly , abbreviated SF , is a fly ball out that scores a baserunner. While typically a long fly ball to the outfield , a sacrifice fly can be recorded on any fly ball, whether fair or foul. The runner usually scores from third base , but there have been cases of runners scoring from second or even first base on a sacrifice fly; it is also possible for more than one runner to score on the play. The batter is charged with a plate appearance but not with an at bat , and is credited with an RBI for each run scored as a result. No sacrifice fly is credited if a baserunner advances one or more bases as a result of a fly ball that is caught but does not score.


Sacrifice Fly (SF)





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