What is htm 01 05 and why is it important

Understanding the Link Between HTM 01-05 and the CQC

what is htm 01 05 and why is it important

Why is HTM guidance important? HTM is a document designed to be used as guidance for decontamination in dental practice first.

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The HTM which stands for Health Technical Memoranda is one of several It is important that practices have well developed protocols and procedures in.
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It is essential that all people in a dental practice remain safe whilst they are there, whether they are dental team members or patients. Decontamination that is, the safe removal of contaminated material from a person, object or local environment is crucial to avoid the transmission of infection between people. It describes in detail two standards of decontamination essential and best practice and what is required for each. It demands that where possible best practice will be operated and that everywhere at least essential practice will be achieved. Where best practice has not been achieved there must be a plan showing how the practice will work towards achieving best practice. This topic covers the significant issues to be considered regarding the setting up of a decontamination area within a dental practice. It describes the key elements involved, including washer-disinfectors, ultrasonic cleaners and sterilisers.

Decontamination: Quick Facts

It is essential that all people in a dental practice remain safe whilst they are there, HTM is the key document concerning decontamination in primary care.
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