What video is everyone talking about

Facebook expands search so you know what everyone's talking about

what video is everyone talking about

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What are the digital and social media trends that everybody's talking about? At the moment, you can't get away from TikTok - but is it a fad or here to stay? Our Senior Strategist Zanna Wharfe explores the booming short-form mobile video platform. What is TikTok and who is using it? If Instagram turned everyone into a photographer, TikTok wants to turn everyone into a videographer. Essentially, if Vine had a lovechild with Snapchat, you might be close.

Without a doubt, the government shut-down is upsetting more than a few people, but when rap superstar and cultural phenomenon Cardi B gets into the mix, you know things are serious. But Cardi really broke records as a political commentator-of-sorts when she dropped what is now being called "The Cardi B Government Video" on Instagram the other day. At the writing of this piece, the video has been already viewed over 12 million times on Instagram and every outlet from CNN to E! And it's a lot more engaging and provoking to watch than the typical, polished commentary from the standard talking heads on the various cable news outlets. Where the intrigue lies is in the aftermath. This has to be the case otherwise followers and fans would be virtually non-existent.

Social-media feeds across the globe are buzzing about the hilarious video that just hit the web. No spoilers in the video, the parent is doing something, and then the kid: whoops! This footage has gone mega-viral: People. Bet they learned their lesson! This video is going to be everywhere.

Amanda Bynes & The Bizarre Video Everyone Is Talking About

Search Submit. Jill Scott just made every man and woman imagine how she gets down with her man and she did that in a very strange way that has twitter still recovering from the shock.

The Viral Facebook Video Going Around That You DO NOT Want to See

We use cookies to improve our service for you. You can find more information in our data protection declaration. A shoe from the US firm featuring a former version of the American flag has been withdrawn. The banner, known as the "Betsy Ross" flag, has links to a period of slavery, Nike-sponsored athlete Colin Kaepernick said. Donald Trump is considering action to prevent mass shootings after a total of 29 people were killed in attacks in Texas and Ohio. Democratic candidates say the president encouraged the gunman in El Paso, Texas. The league has agreed to pay the former star quarterback an undisclosed sum after blacklisting him.

Courtesy of Youtube. So there I was online, munching on some Bazooka gum left in a bucket in the KFFM studios, just minding other people's business and giggling at a few gossip stories, when all of the sudden, this video beckoned me to click on it. Amanda Bynes, honey, um, what the he11 is wrong with you, boo? What was this video all about? You look like you're tripping off that molly or something! First of all, the year just called and want their "grunge heaux" look back. It's unbeweavable!

The world's largest social network is now letting users find news stories, comments from strangers and the conversations behind trending topics. Starting Thursday, the Menlo Park, California-based social network will roll out a function that allows its members to conduct a Google-like search through the more than 2 trillion posts they make each month. Facebook users can access the feature through a search bar on its website or mobile app. Type "water" into the search box, for example, and Facebook will auto-suggest popular search terms and phrases, such as "water on Mars. The new function expands Facebook's search capabilities, which were previously limited to things like friends, groups and places. That meant the social network's 1.

This Is The Video Everyone's Talking About And We Know Why

Air Force advising against it. Fast Company asked New Yorkers what they thought of the event and it all means. Featured Videos. Latest Videos. Video The one question you should always ask when hiring for a startup, according to Jenny Fleiss Assembling the perfect team is important when you're setting up a company. Jenny Fleiss, co-founder of Rent The Runway and now CEO and co-founder of Jetblack, shares some insight into how to find the right talent and put together a great team for your startup.

The lyric was obviously referring to Taylor Swift, who condemned it immediately but if you thought Kanye would leave well alone, you were wrong. The video is heavily inspired by the American artist Vincent Desiderio, who worked with Kanye to create it. The inspiration. Well, because of the aforementioned line, which was brought up again earlier this month when Kim Kardashian claimed that Taylor approved the lyric beforehand. This video is pretty much the opposite of that. Calling a lawyer near you

It's the video everyone is talking about on Facebook. For the past few days, I have seen some of my Facebook friends start to ask about this certain video that is circulating around Facebook. Comments like "it's gross", "don't do it", and "I can't believe I even watched that" kept popping up. What in the world is this mystery video? Being the internet sleuth I am, I started to Google what this video was. Lo and behold, I couldn't find a single thing about it online. I am writing this on Wednesday, June 19, , and I have been up since am trying to figure this out.





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