Difference between buying iphone from apple or at&t

Where to buy an iPhone

difference between buying iphone from apple or at&t

iPhone X Speed Test: AT&T vs T-Mobile vs Verizon

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There will be lots of tears: Tears of joy for those who manage to buy one, and tears of sadness for those who are snubbed by Apple's servers. The best place to buy the notch-equipped iPhone X is directly from Apple. But what about from a wireless carrier? Sometimes they have deals and trade-ins. It's a confusing dumpster fire of fine print to sift through, so we did the homework for you.

Last night I did what many technology writers looking to keep themselves up to date with Apple's products did -- I set my alarm for 3 am, and prepared -- no, steeled myself -- for the anxiety of having to possibly wait a week or two to get the device and shelling out a lot of money. For the last few years, I have repeatedly done the same thing. I've bought a new iPhone at full retail, and picked it up at my local Apple store in a week or so's time.
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When the original iPhone went on sale a decade ago, there was no asking where you should buy one. The bigger concern was who had any in stock! Today, the iPhone is sold all over. Every carrier store has it, Apple Stores are all over the place, big-box retailers like Best Buy and Target carry them, and of course, you have a seemingly endless number of online options. Amazon deals are ephemeral, popping up and quickly gone again—sometimes in just a few hours. Amazon rarely has great deals on carrier-locked phones, but it can be a last refuge for those who want to buy fully unlocked phones that may be otherwise hard to come by.

Technology Explained. Every major cell phone carrier has them, and they all compete against each other to bring you the best deal. And while Apple has always sold iPhones in its own stores, recent initiatives such as the iPhone Upgrade Program and Trade-In have made the company a serious contender for your phone buying business. In previous times, cell phone carriers would let you pay off your phone in monthly installments. Carriers followed suit and now, for the most part, all carriers and Apple offer a monthly, no-money-down installment plan through which you purchase the phone from them over the course of 24 months. There are a few exceptions to this. Apple is famous for almost never having deals.

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    The best place to buy an iPhone 7, iPhone 8, or iPhone X | Macworld

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    When it's time to buy an iPhone, does your carrier or Apple provide a better deal? AT&T offers a plan at a lower monthly rate for a total of 30 months. There are two major differences between AppleCare+ and a carrier's.

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    Prices Are Basically the Same

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