2019 lincoln continental black label

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2019 lincoln continental black label

See important specifications about the Lincoln Continental Black Label model such as features, dimensions, capacities, and safety and security features.

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If the name Continental conjures up memories of the soft-riding luxobarge that was phased out in the early s, then your expectations of this modern-day revival are already set. The Continental's relaxed driving demeanor, restrained styling, and luxuriously appointed cabin make it a pleasant car, one that evokes the traditional American luxury sedans of the past. Unfortunately, it has several rough edges: Many of its interior switches are shared with less pricey Ford products, its on-road dynamics range from unrefined to uninspired, and none of its available V-6 engines are particularly fuel efficient. If you're not looking closely, the Continental appears to be an impressive sedan, but upon further inspection its plebeian roots show through. The big news for is the introduction of the Continental Coach Door Edition. This very exclusive Continental is stretched six inches and comes with rear "suicide" doors that hark back to the iconic Continental of the s. Only 80 will be produced for more are coming for , but likely in a similarly small amount , so act quickly if you want one.

Experience true comfort with leather seats. Never get lost again with this Lincoln Black Label Continental's easy to use navigation system. A perfect cold weather car featuring heated seats. Picture yourself in this beauty. There's nothing like a sunroof on a sunny day!

2019 Lincoln Continental

2019 Lincoln Continental review

The Lincoln Continental is a big, luxurious American sedan at a time when Americans are hardly buying big, luxurious American sedans anymore. We give it 7. Read more about how we rate cars. Among European and Japanese rivals with established models S-Class, 7 Series, LS this Lincoln stands out for several reasons, chief among them its nameplate. With the Continental, Lincoln has one of the most storied American car names. With a throwback look that sports chrome details, big, wide shoulders, and interesting touches like door handles integrated into the trim, the latest Lincoln Continental has enough visual panache to go along with the nostalgia its name evokes.

American presidents proudly rode in Lincoln sedans for decades. It let competitors like Cadillac and Mercedes-Benz get ahead by releasing a whole series of dull, uninspiring cars with too much Ford-ness that appealed largely to AARP members. The firm released the Continental in a bid to climb back up in the automotive pecking order and re-capture its former allure. For our test, Lincoln gave us a Black Label model loaded with way adjustable front seats, the rear seat package, the Continental technology package, and the twin-turbocharged, 3. Lincoln took a while to find itself. For years, it experimented with an awkward split-wing front-end design and three-letter nameplates like MKZ , MKX, and MKT that made little sense to anyone outside of its marketing department. With the Continental, it wiped the slate clean and started everything from scratch.

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