Rick ross tears of joy

Paroles Tears Of Joy feat. Cee-Lo

rick ross tears of joy

Tears of Joy Lyrics: Do you know what we are going to do? This was a standout track on Rick Ross' Teflon Don album featuring Cee-Lo.

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Smoking the best spliff in a brand new Benz No I'd on the track let the story begin. Lookin in the mirror but I don't see much Staring in the streets so I don't sleep much. Everybody knows I'ma a lot of people's threats Biggie smalls in the flesh living life after my death Yesterday I read my horoscope. Tell me lord will I be poor and broke Tell me lord will I be dealing dope I wanna take my momma to the pocanoes. Thought having everything would ease my mind If you could read my mind My god, I'm scared I have tattooed tears of joy. All the dead souls in the field Lookin at my rolly its about that time White man had a problem wit mine.

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Spotted at RR. O,you need to put that PIPE down!!!! You must be Super High to believe that shit!!! This track is fire alright.. More like a match! This is what you cats think is killing the game?????? You motherfuckers are straight Lames!!!

Tears Of Joy Lyrics

Rick Ross - Santorini Greece (Official Video)

Rick Ross - Tears Of Joy Lyrics

Featured lyrics. Hope For The Underrated Youth. Hot lyrics. Rick ross verse 1 Smoking the best spliff in a brand new benz no I'd on the track let the story begin. Not even everything kan ease my mind If you kuld read my mind My god I'm scarred I have tattoo tears of joy Rick ross verse 2 Last nite I cried tears of joy What did I do to deserve this Young rich muthafucka still uneducated but dammit a nigga made it God damn a nigga made it cremated in the church lord knows I'm blessed Write every lawyer so you kno I'm stressed A punch in the face get you k Ask glad now he back makin minimum wage Another victim of my criminal ways I wanna walk in the image of christ But that bitch vivica nice And I'm still swimming in ice I'm just living my life I'm just living my life Lease a lambourghini for your pussy rate Life is just a pussy race Snatch a bitch take her back to your place Next mournin I kan tell you how the pussy taste I got expensive taste Ceelo chorus Whhhhyyyyyyy To all the love ones I leave behind Because they kant c me fine N I ask wen sum1 wants 2 b me yyyyyyyyyyyyy?

Listen on Spotify. - Tell me, Lord, will I be dealin' dope?




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