Watch the thick of it series 4 episode 5

The Thick Of It

watch the thick of it series 4 episode 5

The Thick Of It 01 Season 4 Episode 01

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Sign in. Watch now. Title: Episode 4. After Nicola's resignation Mannion considers following suit but saves himself on Phil's advice by putting the blame on Nicola for Mr Tickel's death, since her husband was part of the housing project which made Tickel homeless. Adam and Fergus persuade Glenn to send an email from Terri's computer to the Guardian, outlining all the snide jokes Mannion and his advisers made at Mr Tickel's expense, but end up getting incriminated themselves. Thus both political parties must now face investigation.

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The Thick of It is a British comedy television series that satirises the inner workings of modern government. The Thick of It ran for 20 half-hour episodes and three special hour-long episodes, as well as a spin-off film; In the Loop , released in A further three episodes were transmitted 20 October — 3 November An hour-long Christmas special , "The Rise of the Nutters", aired in January with a further ten episodes planned for later on in the year, however this did not occur. Instead, another one-off hour-long episode "Spinners and Losers" aired on 3 July

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Political comedy. Both government and opposition try to spin their way to the moral high ground following the key worker housing scandal. Some are even calling for an inquiry. With Nicola Murray and Peter Mannion on the back foot after the unravelling of the key worker housing sell-off policy, both government and opposition scramble for the moral high ground while the dirty floodwater of scandal laps around their toes. Several people are even calling for some sort of inquiry. Everyone wants to spin their own version of the story, by fair means or foul.

With Nicola Murray and Peter Mannion both on the back foot after the unraveling of the key-worker housing sell-off policy there's… Read More With Nicola Murray and Peter Mannion both on the back foot after the unraveling of the key-worker housing sell-off policy there's inevitably going to be a scramble for the moral high-ground as the smelly flood water of scandal is lapping round their toes. Read Less. The final reckoning. As the fallout from the enquiry starts to take its toll, the everyday problems of government continue. Despite the fact that no-one is actually talking to each other any more.

Someone more cultured would likely come up with a classier analogy, but sod it, Art Attack was ace. For five episodes, Armando Iannucci and co. What was the end-goal? A Leveson-style inquiry and a glorious moment of schadenfreude for the British viewing public. Episode five in the series picked up exactly where the previous had left off, with a freshly resigned Nicola Murray - the jittery mother at the political wedding - making an inelegant getaway from the Houses of Parliament. Mannion was spinning, having sailed pompously over the deadline for a dignified exit by resignation, so attempted to divert the oncoming shitstorm.

The Thick of It


The Thick of It (UK)




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