Who is the real black hood in riverdale

The 'Riverdale' actor revealed as the Black Hood didn't even play the murderer all season

who is the real black hood in riverdale

Riverdale 2?09 Black Hood is REVEALED and Caught

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Fans have long suspected that Betty's dad is somehow involved in the Black Hood murders but is he actually the man behind the mask? It's official: The Black Hood has returned to Riverdale and he's out for blood once again. If you cast your minds back to episode 2x10, you'll remember that Archie had his suspicions about the real identity of the Black Hood, and it sounds like he was right for once in his life. If Joseph Svenson, the school janitor, wasn't the true Black Hood then who was? Ever since the dawning of time, fans have been convinced that the killer in question is none other than the low-key problematic and incredibly sus Hal Cooper. The theory was primarily based on the physicality of the Black Hood but as the season has gone on, Hal has fallen right into the position of prime suspect. And now the BH is back in town, we've got all the more reason to start suspecting him again

Hello Riverdale fans, we've got some very good news and some very bad news for you. The very good news is: the Black Hood has been unmasked and is now in jail for his crimes. The very bad news is: everything you thought you knew about the Black Hood has been a lie. From the very first time we laid eyes on the Black Hood, a good percentage of fans had been convinced that the man under the mask was none other than Betty Cooper's dad Hal but if you based your entire theory off the fact that you thought it was Hal under the mask this whole time See, told you everything you thought you knew was a lie Speaking to Entertainment Weekly after the big reveal on last week's episode May 9 , Lochlyn Munro who plays Hal on the show revealed that he has never actually been under the hood on screen.

This post obviously contains spoilers for the May 9 episode of Riverdale, so proceed at your own risk! Riverdale just revealed who the OG Black Hood is, and it's exactly who we've assumed and kind of hoped in the weirdest way it was since he started making creepy phone calls to Betty: her dad! But we also learned tonight the reason why he does such a thing, and it's certainly not what we expected. During one quite creepy sequence, Hal sat his family down in the living room and forced them to watch a home movie of him as a small child in what appeared to be a basement, enduring what appeared to be brainwashing from who we assume to be his mother. We learned that Hal's father and grandfather also murdered people, and Hal's parents had conditioned him from the time he was a very small child to help them take down sinners, and some of those sinners included the Conway family that was murdered 40 years ago as Alice helpfully reminded us. Hal had been tasked with convincing the young surviving son that it was not Hal's dad who had killed the family, but someone else entirely. Apparently, one of Hal's mom's conditioning phrases was "you must do better," which is basically exactly what Betty said in her speech at the end of season one, which is what set Hal off as the Black Hood.

As Riverdale' s second season draws to a close, it looks like the town's mysterious serial killer is finally being brought to justice. Despite the audience previously being led to believe that the Black Hood had been killed after the school's creepy caretaker, Mr. Svenson, was unmasked in Season 2, Episode 9 , it seemed unlikely that the murders were really over. And, sure enough, in Episode 18 , another major murder occurred, leading viewers to begin asking, once again, whether the Black Hood was still at large. He's a little bit like The Punisher.


Betty on the phone. The CW. Warning: Spoilers ahead for season two, episode 21 of "Riverdale," titled "Judgment Night.

Who Is The New Black Hood On 'Riverdale'? It Might Not Be Hal Cooper This Time

The Black Hood was an anonymous character and one of the main antagonists of the second season of The CW 's Riverdale. This has caused Polly Cooper to leave town out of fear of being that Black Hood could target her, due being an unwed mother, and being pregnant with her own cousin 's children. In a letter he sent to Betty Cooper , he admitted to her that he attended the 75th Anniversary Jubilee , and that Betty's speech inspired him to commit crimes. In " Chapter Twenty-Two: Silent Night, Deadly Night " , it was revealed that the face lying underneath the hood is Joseph Svenson , formerly known as Joe Conway before he was adopted by another family in Riverdale after the massacre of his parents and two siblings. He was Riverdale High 's janitor before being shot and killed by Sheriff Keller. In " Chapter Twenty-Three: The Blackboard Jungle " , Archie confides that he is unsure that they had caught the right man, suggesting that there could be multiple "Black Hoods". These letters were signed by the Black Hood and demanded the role of Carrie White played by Cheryl Blossom be recasted.

But who is he? Here's 13 suspects who could possibly be behind the hooded killer The Black Hood has returned to the town of Riverdale and it was bad news for Midge, having survived the Black Hood's first attempt, she wasn't so lucky second time around.
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    Turns Out, Hal Cooper Has NEVER Actually Worn The Black Hood Mask On “Riverdale” - PopBuzz

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    Here's all the evidence to suggest that Hal Cooper is the man behind the Black Hood:

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    INSIDER spoke with the actor who plays the Black Hood about the truth ' Riverdale' fans finally know who the real Black Hood is and the truth.

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