I m bad to the bone

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i m bad to the bone

Bad to The Bone - George Thorogood

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Forget born to be wild, I'm Bad to the Bone has a better ring to it. Anyone can be wild it's a true dark art to be actually bad all the way to the bone. Good thing we can lighten it up for the Halloween season with this I'm Bad to the Bone sign. Hang it in that spot that needs a little more of a dark side but not too much to scare the kiddos. More manly, Mr. Halloween likes man stuff.

"Bad to the Bone" is a song by George Thorogood and the Destroyers released in on the album of the same name. While it was not widely popular during.
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While it was not widely popular during its initial release, its video made recurrent appearances on the nascent MTV , created a year before. Licensing for films, television, and commercials has since made the song more popular. Author Jim Beviglia argues that despite the song not making the pop charts, it "outstrips all other 80s songs in terms of the way it has essentially become cultural shorthand". The video intercuts a live performance by Thorogood and his band with his playing a lengthy game of pool with Bo Diddley. Pool player Willie Mosconi is summoned from another room by a spectator played by Michael Fusco , and he wagers a large sum of money on Diddley.

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George Thorogood - Bad To The Bone Lyrics

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wearing my sunglasses in the grocery store like the bad to the bone guy in the “ Bad to the Bone” music video) released a song “I'm Bad” in the s, using.
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