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the real l word sex scenes

Does Whitney Mixter of “The Real L Word” ask herself a lot of questions? late because I wanted to wait and see if Whitney & Romi's sex scene would tip the balance in our favor Real L Word # Recap: Gambling with Love & Lesbian Sex.


Surely not every pixie-haired chick out there is hiding steamy Sapphic fantasies inside her carefully pomaded head, and I've met plenty of lesbians with hair that looks straight in more ways than just texture, but any lady with a shaved side, faux-hawk or asymmetrical 'do gets at least a second glance from me. When I came out in college, I was lucky enough to do so in the company of three highly experienced lesbian roommates, all of whom advised that I reconsider the long, shapeless locks I'd carried over from my high-school days. One of the gang, as odds would have it, owned all six seasons of The L Word on DVD -- 24 discs of the kind of soft-core, girl-on-girl action that only Showtime could get away with -- and we scoured each episode for hair inspiration. I eventually settled on Shane's cut, the only style on the femme-heavy show that looked queer enough to help me land a date. I printed out a photo and brought it to a hairdresser in Dupont Circle, Washington, D. Even though I emerged from the salon looking more like Florence Henderson than a hip L.

Much to the delight of lesbian, bisexual and otherwise not-straight women, Showtime confirmed last month that it had ordered a full season of the long-awaited sequel to "The L Word. Ilene Chaiken. Because Chaiken has an exclusive deal with Fox, she can only have an overseeing role in the reboot, which she seems quite pleased with. Other stars from the original such as Sarah Shahi have expressed interest in coming back to play , while others like Pam Grier are unsure if it would fit into their schedules. And while two of the most famous characters were killed off in the original series — Erin Daniels as the beloved Dana and Mia Kirshner as the polarizing Jenny — they, too, are rumored to return. I'm sure you've been able to feel all of the excitement about "The L Word" returning. Has the reaction been anticipated?

In the Hunter Valentine caravan, Kiyomi receives a text from Ali and promptly rolls her eyes. She tells the rest of the band that Ali started a fight because she thought Kiyomi would try to hook up with someone at Dinah Shore. Neither is McKayla. And then finally! Lamanda and Whitney and Sara arrive at Dinah, where they immediately become enveloped in the rollings waves of a sea of almost naked lesbians. Romi and Kelsey are being held up at hotel check in.

In the first episode, she shows up wearing a tiny leather vest and some string. No one in the history of clothes has ever dressed like this on purpose. Even when they weren't wearing shower curtains or beige plastic, the cast were strutting about in mirrored sunglasses, paisley bandanas, and cheesecloth shirts with birds embroidered on them why, Tina, why. They deserved better. OK, they live next door to each other, but they have nothing in common. Shane is an unwashed, womanising waif and "Tibette" are basically the Zuckerbergs of the LA lesbian set. If they found her in their house IRL they would have her arrested.

Your Ad Here. RSS Feed. The cast of The Real L Word. Don't expect to see more. Showtime photo Premiering: Sunday, June 20th at 9 p. But what actresses did during six seasons on The L Word isn't what real-life lesbians do on this nine-episode spinoff. So don't get your expectations raised -- so to speak.

The sex scenes. What did you expect? Yes, the smoke and mirror effect of Hollywood sex scenes are damaging, and yes they set us up for a harrowing lifetime of never feeling good enough or thin enough or curvy enough or hairless enough or just not enough in general—but lez get real. I mean she has to actually work nine hours per day in order to afford her apartment in Brooklyn , you know? Have you ever wondered why it is that movie and TV butts look so smooth and so clear after gasping in horror when catching a glimpse of your own tattered bum in the bathroom mirror?


The Real L Word - Whitney & Sara (Season 2 - Last Scene)


Sex, love, friends, fights, girls, and parties. The Real L Word returns for an all new season.
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    For your pleasure -- all of The L Word's sex scenes ranked. Ep. L'Ennui - Alice demands a real penis from her lesbian-identified boyfriend.

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    Turn On: It's Leisha Hailey's first L Word sex scene! Ep. Loyal and True - Shane goes down on Nikki on the balustrade of Yamashiro.

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