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rise of the guardians yeti

Rise of the Guardians: Funny Yeti Part


Santa, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny don't merely know one another. According to Rise of the Guardians , Mr. North Pole, Ms. Molar, and the Rabbit are in league with Sandman and relative newcomer Jack Frost to protect and serve the imaginations of children everywhere. Which is a good thing. Because the sepulchral Bogeyman, called Pitch, is dispatching nightmares literally, black horses to disrupt the rugrats' sleep.

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The yetis are so cute. They are strong enough to ward Jack Frost out of North's Workshop. It was a shame they didn't get much of a highlight on the movie. And I pity the one who paints the robots. When he paints it blue, North asked him to paint it red. But when the yeti painted the eggs red, Bunny asked him to paint it blue, because it was too Christmas-y. Post a Comment.

Before North, he and the other yeti's had wandered.
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Phil, in Yeti speak: I know you snuck in last night, Frost! With a final sprint, he leapt into the air and caught onto a hook in record timing, soap bubbles flying off his dangling feet; the yeti screeching out to him. He was even more disturbed as to who dared even eat stews with children in it. Seems like some of the Maw rumors were true. He cursed that Bunny with all his being.

Yetis are North 's workers at the North Pole. They make the toys while the elves "test" them. The Yeti is an ape-like creature. They are taller than an average man but they are same height as North. It can walk like a man and has long white or brown hairs covering its whole body. Colors vary between the books and the film: In the books, they're snowy white to match the camouflage of the Himalayas.

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  1. Eve A. says:

    Phil, in Yeti speak: I know you snuck in last night, Frost!

  2. Yvonne P. says:

    Yetis are North's workers at the North Pole. The Abominable Mood Swing in particular is one of the most feared that only a few may wield, such as Yaloo, leader of the Yetis. Phil shows dislike of Jack and threatening behavior but also amusement at signing the yeti page of Jamie.

  3. Kinsnensthisun says:

    I Love the Yeti (from Rise of the Guardians) *ELF ~ Rise of the Guardians, Guardians Of Childhood, Rise Of The. More information. More information.

  4. Megan B. says:

    Person:Who's your fave character from rise of the guardians? Jack? Pitch? North ? Bunny? Sandy?Tooth? Me: Me: Me:Phil. #rise of the guardians#he is amazing .

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