Kim jong un white house

New photo of Trump with Kim Jong Un hung in the White House

kim jong un white house

5 days ago No, first lady Melania Trump hasn't had any secret meetings with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The White House is clarifying comments.

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Lots of people like to show off their new photographs when they get home from a foreign trip, and Donald Trump is no different. Visitors to the White House have noticed a handful of photographs hanging on the walls, showing the president in action overseas. People have also commented on the intriguing juxtaposition; the president with North Korean dictator at the DMZ, next to one of him with the Queen during his state visit to Britain last month. The fourth image shows Mr Trump and the first lady, Melania Trump, alongside the Queen and Prince Charles, standing erect and clapping. It is known, however, how the president feels about many of the individuals he is photographed alongside. While he recently attacked British prime minister and her approach to Brexit, he did offer praise for the head of state. I am OK with it.

Trump crossed over from the demilitarized zone to shake hands with Kim Jong Un, after earlier offering the meeting on Twitter. Kim Jong Un responded that "I was very surprised to hear about your offer on the tweet and only late in the afternoon I was able to confirm your invitation. The US president described his relationship with the North Korean leader as a "great friendship. A lot of progress has been made and a lot of friendships have been made and this in particular is a great friendship. Following their handshake, the two men took part in a press conference during which the US president confirmed that he was extending an invite to Kim Jong Un to the White House. He added: "We met and we liked each other from day one and that was very important," Trump said.

As President Donald Trump mentioned his wife, a camera cut to Melania in the audience, who cocked her head slightly and looked somewhat quizzically at the president. During a closing news conference at the annual G-7 summit, Trump used a question about the breakdown in relations with Iran to paint a parallel to the progress of nuclear talks between his administration and North Korea. As Trump mentioned his wife, a camera cut to Melania in the audience, who cocked her head slightly and looked somewhat quizzically at the president. Trump has repeatedly showered praise on Kim, a dictator who oversees a brutal and murderous regime in Pyongyang. A meeting in Singapore last year was the first between leaders of the two countries, and was followed by a second round of nuclear talks earlier this year that fell apart without a deal. Trump on the world stage over the weekend continued to defend those missile tests, which have increased in recent months.

President Donald Trump's warm relations with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un have now extended to the decoration of the White House, with photos of the two men's historic meeting last week adorning the West Wing. And, in a move that symbolically resembles the president's cooler relations with the United States's chief allies, the photos of Trump and Kim have replaced those of Trump together with French President Emmanuel Macron. Last month a photo of the top of a West Wing staircase was shown with pictures of Macron's recent state visit to Washington D. That display has been replaced by images of Trump becoming the first United States president in history to meet with a North Korean leader, according to a photo tweeted by the Wall Street Journal Monday. Among the six photos shown are three of the summit between Trump and Kim in Singapore, which resulted in a signed agreement committing to denuclearization. The agreement has been criticized for lacking specifics or a process of verification. In exchange, Trump pledged to give up what he called "war games" between the U.

White House clarifies for the president: Melania Trump hasn't met Kim Jong Un

President Donald Trump's relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has raised plenty of eyebrows — and it's been memorialized in the White House, where a photo of the two leaders now hangs in the West Wing. -


White House Clarifies No Secret Meeting Between First Lady and Kim Jong Un


NKorea Top Aide Arrives at White House

White House clarifies Melania Trump hasn't met Kim Jong Un after Trump comment





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