Why don t we lockscreen

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why don t we lockscreen

How To Make Aesthetic Lockscreen - Step By Step

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With so much focus on staying productive , it may surprise you to realize just how many things you can do with a locked iPhone. What can you do and how can you switch these features off? You can call people from a locked iPhone. Just ask Siri to call a person in your contact book. You can also send Messages using the locked device. If enabled, Siri will also tell you about your agenda, create meetings and reminders, and send text messages to contacts while your device is locked. It will also let you see its top result recommendations when you enter a search term on the lockscreen, though you will need to unlock the screen to get to those results.

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PSA: 34% of you aren’t even using a lockscreen password

How to make a Lockscreen? // by wdwlocks

PSA: 34% of you aren’t even using a lockscreen password

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In our tech-driven world, our phones are practically a second appendange. It's hard to imagine a that you'd forget it somewhere. Unfortunately, we're only human and this sort of thing happens every day. Luckily, there are ways for us to track down our tech toys, but what about the person who finds it? While there's no way to always expect that someone who finds your lost phone is going to return it to you, it's easy enough to put your information on the lock screen of your Android phone or tablet so that the finder can get ahold of you.


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    From Stagefright to root exploits , there always seems to be something that could be better.

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    To view your screenshot, open the Photos app.

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