David gold woods of ypres

Woods of Ypres Frontman David Gold Killed in Car Accident

david gold woods of ypres

WOODS OF YPRES - "You Were the Light"

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David Gold June 19, December 22, [1] was a Canadian musician, best known as the founder, singer, and guitarist of the blackened doom metal band Woods of Ypres. Gold founded the band Woods of Ypres in , and was the band's main songwriter throughout its existence. After his death in a car accident in , Woods of Ypres disbanded. David Gold was born in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. His musical career begin in the band Mister Bones in , and he would go on to form Woods of Ypres in David Gold frequently went to South Korea for business purposes.

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Would anyone happen to have any more information on what happened? Were there any witnesses to the accident? And am I the only one wondering if he possibly committed suicide? Tragic coincidence or do you think he had planned to die like that? What makes it weird is obviously his lyrics and he seemed extremely depressed for a while leading up to his death judging by his twitter posts, but again, that seems like a very odd way to commit suicide if that were the case. I've been wondering the same. I haven't been able to figure out whether he was the driver or the pedestrian.

Woods of Ypres

He was 31 years old. We want to thank everyone for the ongoing outpour of support, as it is greatly appreciated. Although he was only 31 years old, David lived more than most would be able to in an entire lifetime.

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Woods of Ypres were a Canadian doom metal band from Windsor, Ontario. Their lineup frequently changed afterward, with over 20 members in the band through its various incarnations, which saw operations later based out of Toronto from , and Sault Ste. Marie from After McManus' departure that same year, Woods of Ypres expanded to a quintet with new band members. That December, David Gold moved to Toronto to begin working on a full-length album, completely overhauling their lineup in the process.



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    After the dismissal of Shane and Evan Madden shortly afterward, remaining band members David Gold and.

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