Aretha franklin funeral jennifer hudson

Jennifer Hudson

aretha franklin funeral jennifer hudson

Watch Aretha Franklin Make President Obama Emotional

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Before the golden casket was closed at the top of a service, Franklin's body could be seen dressed in gold sequins. He wowed with his harmonica skills and then brought the remaining mourners at Franklin's lengthy funeral to their feet with a moving version of "As". The choir, Aretha's family, preachers and remaining guests swayed as Wonder played the classic tune in honour of his old friend. Stevie dedicated his song, "I'll Be Loving You Aways", to his departed friend and musical kindred spirit whom he'd known since he was a boy. Rev Jesse Jackson, who worked alongside Martin Luther King during the s, urged attendees to honour her memory and register to vote. Franklin, who was herself heavily involved in campaigning against racial prejudice, died on August 16 aged Her body arrived to the star-studded memorial in a Cadillac LaSalle hearse.

The Grammy winner - who will play Aretha in an upcoming bipoic - will join a string of music legends as the Queen of Soul is given a final farewell fit for royalty. And it boasts a lineup of speakers and singers that would rival any of the hottest entertainment revues, past or present. Robinson has promised to make his words "personal" since he remained close with the legendary star until the very end. He revealed they "talked all the time," the last just a couple weeks before she became too ill to speak. Wonder will reportedly do a rendition of 'The Lord's Prayer and his hit 'As'.

Jennifer Hudson is about to star in the role of a lifetime. Still, she knows condensing the career of the time Grammy winner into a few short hours won't be easy. That's like 70 years. I cannot even begin to imagine how long it's going to take to cover. Franklin passed away on Aug. Hudson was one of several celebrities to perform at Franklin's funeral.

Jennifer Hudson Performs Powerful Rendition of 'Amazing Grace' at Aretha Franklin's Funeral

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    Watch actress and singer Jennifer Hudson perform "Amazing Grace" at Aretha Franklin's homegoing funeral service at the Greater Grace.

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