The real housewives of orange county season 12 episode 9

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the real housewives of orange county season 12 episode 9

The housewives investigate who stirs the pot most when they go on an excursion to a drag queen bingo night.

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The housewives investigate: Who stirs the pot the most? Apparently, right after the St. Kelly asks Meghan what to do while they shop for baby cribs, and they agree that Kelly should talk to Shannon, hear her out, and do what it takes to make sure their reconciliation is not short lived. Because drag shows typically involve men dressing up as women, Shannon decides that the Housewives will dress up as men as they make the drive up to Hollywood. And Kelly takes this another sign that Meghan is a pot-stirrer.

I am seriously worried about the water supply in Orange County. What else could possibly explain what happens in this episode? The only time that ever happened to me was when I was candy flipping at Soaking Man, which is like Burning Man except it happens in my bathtub and I am the only guest invited. Oh, and what about Shannon Beador? Do you need things for feng shui? I might just be a stupid Westerner, but I thought that it was about arranging the things that are already in your house to optimize the flow of energy.

It premiered on July 10, , and is primarily filmed in Orange County , California. In April , the series was officially renewed for its twelfth season. In January , Heather Dubrow announced her departure from the series, after five seasons. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved June 5, The Futon Critic.

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That thought crossed my mind several times during The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 12 Episode 9 when it became apparent that the ladies could not seem to stay friends for very long. When the episode got underway, Kelly was about to flip the eff out because she thought Shannon had been filming her when they were out drinking. For Kelly, she thought all of the arguments between her and Shannon had been for a good reason. She thought she made a mistake by making things right with her. Kelly and Meghan were out shopping, and Kelly needed some advice about how best to handle the situation.

Ep 9: Drag Bingo Bombshell

The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 12 Episode 9 Recap: Drag Bingo Bombshell









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