Keep nyc trash free signs

Fake Anti-MAGA Sanitation Posters Want To 'Keep NYC Trash Free'

keep nyc trash free signs

Where Does New York City's Trash Go? - Living City - The New York Times

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N ew York City's Department of Sanitation denied Thursday anti-Trump signs placed on garbage bins around the city were created or implemented by the agency. In response to a tweet, DSNY claimed they do not condone unlawful defacement of city litter baskets, and an investigation is underway. You've really stepped up your game, NYCSanitation pic. The cartoon depiction also has a Confederate flag tattoo, and is crossed out in a red symbol. In , the company faced scrutiny when CEO Dan Cathy criticized same-sex marriage, and for donating millions of dollars to anti-gay groups. Beltway Confidential. Washington Secrets.

We are looking into this matter. One poster depicts a white man wearing a white tank top and a MAGA cap. He also has a confederate flag "heart" tattoo and is holding a Chick-fil-A cup, if the stereotypes weren't sufficient enough. Another poster shows a white woman wearing a MAGA cap and clinging — bitterly, no doubt — to a Bible. No gun in sight, however.

Anti-Trump posters spotted on garbage cans: 'Keep NYC Trash Free

NYC has a rich recent history of artists and graphic designers putting fake posters up around the city for everything from Pride Trains to guerrilla Subway Etiquette tips to Lord Of The Rings parodies. The parody posters feature a slovenly-dressed man wearing a MAGA hat with a Confederate flag heart tattoo—he is also holding a Chick-fil-A drink, in case the message and symbolism of the poster was not apparent enough. Mark's Place on Tuesday.

NYC sanitation department trashes 'unlawful' anti-Trump litter basket signs

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The other features his female counterpart holding a bible. The posters appeared earlier this week, and a few have already been ripped up. The artist responsible, Winston Tseng, is a designer who has worked with big brands like Urban Outfitters and Adidas in the past. And while he may find a choir to preach to in New York City, plenty of Americans are none too thrilled with his poster campaign. Sad indictment of the person who made these fake ads popping up all over NYC. I was wrong, they were obv not official

"Keep NYC Trash Free," Signs in New York City Say about Socially Conservative Trump Supporters



Signs claiming to be from the New York City sanitation department are calling Trump supporters and socially-conservative Christians “trash.”.
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