Best ncaa wrestlers of all time

My all-time greatest college wrestlers

best ncaa wrestlers of all time

Best college wrestling match of all time Cary Kolat vs. Mark Ironside

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Cael Sanderson left , the only Div. I wrestler to go unbeaten in a four-year career, later appeared on a box of Wheaties. And I said that in this issue I was going to select what I consider to be the greatest 15 college wrestlers of all time. It is a list based primarily upon records and accomplishments of the top wrestlers in collegiate history, dating back to the first NCAA tournament in Robin Reed never lost a match any time anywhere, but had only limited college experience at Oregon State. Allie Morrison was undefeated during his college career at the University of Illinois and won the Olympics in but he never competed in the NCAA meet. Also, there are great wrestlers who hit their peak shortly after college, such as John Smith, Doug Blubaugh and Bruce Baumgartner.

Wrestling is an ancient sport that has stood the test of time. Wherever society has flourished, some type of wrestling has been present. Across the world, countless variations of the sport are contested in addition to the international standards of freestyle and Greco-Roman. Our very own folkstyle attracts the bulk of the attention from American wrestling fans with Division I being the pinnacle. Those who have dominated at the top level of college wrestling make an imprint that will last forever. That got us to thinking, what are the wrestling records most likely to stand the test of time?

South Dakota State, Cornell and Arizona State also return defending national champions, and this year will offer the chance for each of these men to put their off-season work to the test and chase the title of NCAA champion. Here are 25 returning wrestlers to watch, including at least two athletes from each weight class and five wild card athletes. These athletes are in no particular order but were selected because of their potential impact at the national level, their previous success or the strength of the program. In his true freshman season, Lee cruised through the pound bracket at the NCAA tournament last year, pinning former national champion Nathan Tomasello on his way to the title. Lee will enter this year with even higher expectations, and he should be a dominant force in the weight class yet again. A Big freshman wrestler of the year and Big sportsmanship award winner, Lee finished last season with a record after losses to Oregon State senior Ronnie Bresser at Midlands and Tomasello at the Big championships.

Although a true mixed martial artists must draw from many disciplines, wrestling is arguably most important. The pros to having a great wrestling pedigree are as numerous as there are fighters who stake the claim to being a great wrestler. While some of the fighters on this list didn't achieve greatness, all of them owe their individual level of success to their NCAA wrestling background. Rashad Evans took a successful high school wrestling career and turned it into a national championship at the Junior College level. Evans would then move on to Michigan State University, where he didn't have the best record but undoubtedly gained a wealth of knowledge. Evans' wrestling record was nothing more than average at best, but his run in MMA has shown that he can physically dominate others at pounds using wrestling technique. Jenkins won the title while attending Arizona State but had wrestled at Penn State for his college career prior to transferring.

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    No doubt, you won't agree with all of my selections. These are my personal choices. Here is my list of the best college wrestlers of all-time.

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