Cross eyed baby 8 months

Cross eyed at 8 months

cross eyed baby 8 months

Strabismus causes eyes to wander or cross. Treatment may But by the time a baby is 4 to 6 months old, the eyes usually straighten out. If one or This is because key connections between a child's eyes and brain form by about 8 years old.

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Strabismus is when eyes don't line up or when one or both eyes wander. The eyes may turn:. When eyes don't line up together, the straight or straighter eye becomes dominant. The vision strength acuity of this eye stays normal because the eye and its connection to the brain are working as they should. The misaligned or weaker eye, though, doesn't focus as it should and its connection to the brain doesn't form correctly. Sometimes, strabismus is very noticeable. Other times, it might only be noticed when a child is tired or looking at something very closely.

What is Strabismus? This is an important health issue. According to both the American Optometric Association and American Ophthalmological Association, all children should have their first examination around 9 months of age. However, if an extreme or constant eye turn is noticed, the baby should be examined before 9 months. If a constant eye turn or significant refractive error is found, the eyes need to be fully evaluated and corrected as early as possible. Read on to find out why.

From birth until about 4 months of age, it is considered normal for the eyes of infants to sometimes wander or cross, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics AAP. The misalignment of one or both eyes in, out, up, or down—a condition called strabismus —affects about 4 percent of all children, according to the National Institutes of Health NIH.
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They become skilled users of their vision during the first few months of life and develop eye-hand coordination. Both eyes normally look at the same object. If the child's eyes do not look at the same object the child is said to have strabismus or squint. If the child uses only one eye the other eye becomes a "lazy" eye , an amblyopic eye. A lazy eye cannot use central vision normally.

Having a cross-eyed look is very normal for newborns. Sometimes babies are born with extra folds of skin in the inner corners of their eyes, giving them an appearance of crossed eyes. As these babies grow, however, the folds start to disappear. Also, a newborn infant's eyes can appear to cross from time to time. This normal occurrence is due to a lack of development at this stage in their lives. It is normal for a newborn's eyes to move independently of each other.


Causes and Treatments for Crossed Eyes in Newborns

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