Brazilian buttlift surgery gone wrong

Plastic surgeons' group issues new warning over Brazilian butt lift procedure

brazilian buttlift surgery gone wrong

Sep 11, A TOP surgeon has revealed the hidden dangers of the Brazilian many complications such as infection, horrible cysts and unsightly scarring.

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August 29, pm Updated August 29, pm. My life has crashed. Scaffolding manager Franks, 31, warned others considering similar cosmetic surgery to take note of the risks. The controversial butt lift procedure involves taking fat from the waist or stomach and inserting it in the buttocks. It is not known if he operated on Cambridge. Although uncommon, areas of concern can include; bleeding, infection, anesthesia problems, fat necrosis and decreased sensation. Read Next.

A Brazilian butt lift is a popular cosmetic procedure that involves the transfer of fat to help create more fullness in your backside. A Brazilian butt lift consists of fat grafting that is notable for its natural-looking results. The procedure involves the following steps:. Unlike other forms of buttock surgery, such as placement of silicone buttock implants, a Brazilian butt lift is touted for providing more natural-looking results while also creating more roundness in your backside. It can also help address certain issues, such as the sagging and shapelessness that sometimes occur with age. Another benefit to Brazilian butt lifts is that there is a lower risk of infection compared to silicone buttock implants. It does have a better safety profile than other substances, such as silicone caulking and sealants, that are sometimes illegally injected into buttocks by people not qualified to perform the procedure.

As celebrities like Kim Kardashian have made voluptuous backsides in high demand, a group of plastic surgeons have issued a new warning to fellow doctors performing a procedure known as the Brazilian butt lift. The Brazilian butt lift, which has been increasingly in high demand, carries an "unusually high mortality rate," that is "greater than any other cosmetic surgery," according to a new warning to surgeons performing the procedure from a task force backed by international board-certified plastic surgeon societies, including the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. As many as one in 3, people who undergo the Brazilian butt lift die, according to the warning. The butt lift is meant to make your rear more shapely, and essentially combines a liposuction procedure with fat grafting, meaning it sucks fat out of a place where you don't want it -- such as the thighs or stomach -- and injects it into the butt. The new warning highlights the potential dangers of a fatal fat embolism. It also comes at a time when buttocks augmentation procedures with fat grafting have increased 10 percent from to , according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

29-year-old mom dies during botched Brazilian butt lift

I spent the first 20 years of my plastic surgery career suctioning fat out of buttocks, so about 10 years ago, it surprised me when women started asking to have fat injected back into their bottoms. This celebrity-driven procedure, called the Brazilian Butt Lift BBL , has skyrocketed both in popularity and in notoriety as the most dangerous operation in cosmetic surgery. Hundreds, but possibly thousands, of people died.

Brazilian Butt Lift

With stars such as Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian showing off their sizeable bottoms, surgeons have been inundated with enquiries about Brazilian Butt Lift procedures in recent months. Mo Akhavani, Consultant Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon at The Plastic Surgery Group, explained the procedure can be seriously risky and why people need to choose their surgeon wisely. Meanwhile, the jury is still out on fillers such as hyaluronic acid used in lip fillers as they are not yet FDA approved. Mo added that finding a surgeon skilled in liposuction and body contouring was also crucial for a good result. Mo added that patients may end up with all sorts of unsightly lumps and bumps if they are not careful with their choice of surgeon. Something else that patients might not realise is that their bums will be 50 to 60 per cent smaller six months after their operation.




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    Woman dies after Brazilian butt lift surgery goes wrong at Florida clinic - CBS News

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    A Brazilian butt lift can be a great option to improve the shape and size of the buttocks; however, certain patients are better suited to the procedure, and it is important to have realistic expectations about the surgery, recovery, and results.

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