Nolan ryan vs robin ventura

Why did Robin Ventura challenge Nolan Ryan to one of the most memorable brawls in history?

nolan ryan vs robin ventura

This story was originally published on on March 2, Today marks the year anniversary of the Robin Ventura-Nolan Ryan fight.


Tuesday is the 22nd anniversary of Nolan Ryan's famous beatdown of Robin Ventura, a moment in baseball history that further cemented the mythical stature of the Ryan Express. The Texas Rangers and Chicago White Sox had exchanged terse words and beanballs over the course of several seasons, and things boiled over on Aug. Ryan, pitching for the Rangers in his 27th and final major league season at age 46, was a living legend. Ventura was a year-old Gold Glove third baseman for the White Sox. Ventura, batting fourth for Chicago, had singled to left in the first inning to drive in Joey Cora for the first run of the game. Ryan plunked the left-handed Ventura on the right triceps with the first pitch the next time he came to bat. Ventura took a few steps toward first base before suddenly charging the mound.

Sign up for the Yahoo Sports newsletter. Get all the sports news you need, direct to your inbox. By subscribing, you are agreeing to Yahoo's Terms and Privacy Policy. A quarter century ago, life forever changed for Nolan Ryan and Robin Ventura. For on Aug. During a career spanning 27 seasons, Ryan won games and struck out an all-time best 5, batters.

Because you want to hurt someone. You never do it thinking that it all might go horribly wrong, and you might wind up on the receiving end of one of the most iconic beatdowns in sports history. Robin Ventura was one of the finest third baseman to ever play the game of baseball. It was nothing personal. The two teams exchanged occasional beanballs, but things escalated in a game on Aug. On Aug.

Robin Ventura charged the mound against Nolan Ryan on August 4th, in one of the most infamous fights in baseball history. They brag about how Ryan won the fight and absolutely destroyed Ventura. Old baseball fans absolutely love this because they think of an old legend beating up a young punk 20 years his junior.
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Over the course of his year career, Nolan Ryan won games and struck out an all-time best 5, batters. It was presumably those feats of longevity and performance that made him a first-ballot Hall of Famer and placed him on a short list of the greatest pitchers of all time. Ryan is also remembered, however, for being involved in one of the most memorable brawls in baseball history -- and being someone you absolutely do not want to mess with. On Aug. After Chicago third baseman Robin Ventura hit an RBI single in the first inning on a fastball over the plate, the year-old Ryan was determined to not give him something that good to hit again.

Nolan Ryan-Robin Ventura fight anniversary -- 13 things you should know

1993 -Nolan Ryan vs Robin Ventura Fight (CNN)

25 years ago Nolan Ryan headlocked Robin Ventura during infamous MLB brawl

This story was originally published on CSNChicago. Today marks the year anniversary of the Robin Ventura-Nolan Ryan fight. It was on this fateful evening that a year-old Ventura charged the mound in Arlington, Texas against year-old Rangers pitcher Nolan Ryan, who proceeded to hammer Ventura with an embarrassing array of noogie shots to his head. Even if Ventura had gone on to hit the game-winning home run in a World Series, he might not have been able to top the visuals of this chaotic and surreal melee, easily one of the greatest in baseball history. That summer, the U. Junior Olympic baseball team spent two weeks training in Tyler, Texas.







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