A home of our own

A Home Of Our Own

a home of our own

The War at Home (1996) Movie ** Emilio Estevez, Kathy Bates, Martin Sheen

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The widow Kathy Bates is a proud woman who believes in paying her own way, and refuses any form of charity. When she sees that her oldest son Edward Furlong is in the early stages of what may develop into a criminal career, she realizes Los Angeles is not the place for raising children. Since she's just been fired from her job for smacking the foreman when he got fresh, the time is ripe for her to pack their possessions into the family car and head in the general direction of Montana. This situation, set in the s, could be the set-up for a sitcom, or a retread of an old Disney family yarn. It ends up being a lot more, partly because Kathy Bates brings a solid, no-nonsense clarity to what could have been a marshmallow role, and partly because the director, Tony Bill , is too smart to go for heart-wrenching payoffs until the very end of the film, when they work so well that I actually felt some tears in my eyes. It doesn't make a movie good just because you sniff a little. But it makes it hard to dismiss.

A Home of Our Own

It is the story of a mother and her six children trying to establish a home in the small town of Hankston, Idaho in Widow Frances Lacey Kathy Bates works at a factory.






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    A Home of Our Own is a drama film directed by Tony Bill, starring Kathy Bates and Edward Furlong. It is the story of a mother and her six children trying to .

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    It is the story of a mother and her six children trying to establish a home in the small fictional town of Hankston, Idaho in

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    PG | 1h 44min | Biography, Drama | 5 November (USA) The story begins in Los Angeles when Frances Lacey (Kathy Bates) takes her six children and drives north to find a home of their own away from the bad influences of the big city. The story of Father William Wasson, who.

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