How to become a police officer in gta 4

How to become a police officer?

how to become a police officer in gta 4

Although you can't officially become a cop in Grand Theft Auto IV, you can Once your relationship with Barbara has reached %, the police.

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You can take a police car and do police rounds, but you don't officially become a police officer. I'm not sure if that's possible. On grand theft auto that I'm on now on xbxo how do I get the police uniform you can get it if you do all the police most whated missions but it is very hard you keep dieing on it so thats whay I put the cheats on so I can do it better than dieing on the game. You cannot actually be a cop, however you can act as one by doing vigilante missions. I think that if you do the vigilantie missions times then you get accepted as a police officer.

Meet Barbara. She is located at the Sheriff's parking lot in El Quebrados, Desert, which is in the northwest corner of the map by the air strip. She's there from to This is the hard part. For her to like you, you should should take her to different places in El Quebrados, drive a nice car and kiss her after each date. For a meal date, take her to the diner southwest of El Quebrados, just off the freeway. For a dancing date, take the freeway to San Ferrios, where there is a club near the Ammunation.

How do become a police officer in GTA IV?

GTA IV: how to be a police officer - (GTA IV police officer)




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