How to save video from email to iphone 6

How to save email attachments in Documents

how to save video from email to iphone 6

How to save Facebook videos to iPhone or iPad


To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. When I tap and hold the video after I have downloaded it, it only gives me the option for quick look or cancel. I have the iPhone 4s and the software has the latest update. Does anyone know how to get these videos to save? Posted on Dec 12, PM. Of course, the Video attachment must be in a supported format in order to save to your camera roll. Posted on Dec 13, AM.

Over the course of the years, many third-party email apps have actually seen this as an opportunity and started offering easier and better ways to handle attachments. However, Apple has slowly closed the gap, and even if there is still no proper file system on iOS, it is now easier than ever to save an email attachment. If you are trying to download attachments from your iPad, fear not, because the process is exactly identical. The first question you should ask yourself is regarding the location of these attachments. If you use third-party services such as Dropbox or Google Drive, you will be able to save attachments there as well. This may be a better option for people with limited iCloud storage space, or for users who prefer a solution that is available across multiple platforms.

IPhone can download and save email attachments such as music, videos and documents. Although you can view most attachments within the email, downloading them directly to your iPhone is useful if you want to review them later. As long as the attachment is in an iPhone-compatible format, downloading, saving and opening attached files is quick and simple. Touch the email containing the attachment to download. Emails with attachments have a paper clip icon indicating a file has been included with the email.

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How to Save Videos from Mail on iPhone & iPad to Keep Locally

When you get an email with attachments, you can download a copy of the attachment to your device. The photo has to be an attachment for you to save it. To fix this:. We can't confirm that the message's attachments are safe to open. If you open the attachments, there's a chance malicious software could start running on your computer or device. If the email looks suspicious, don't reply and don't download the attachment. You can report it as spam or phishing.

How to Download Videos from Google Drive to your IPhone - IOS12 & Troubleshooting

If you receive an email with an attachment a file , you can open the file after downloading it to your computer.
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