How many trucks did monfort of colorado have

Monfort of Colorado

how many trucks did monfort of colorado have

As I remember it, Monfort was out of Greeley Colo. . Our trucks and others had tangled with them many times going east or was just.

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The trucking community has always had its own language, or lingo. Some phrases, such as the codes, are more universally used, but many other phrases were born in the trucking community. This nickname came from a time when Monfort of Colorado was a fleet of recognizable orange, yellow and white rigs A. Circus Wagons. There were other fleets that were known to run, too, but, somehow, Monfort has the honors of carrying that left lane nickname to their grave. I would make a politically-correct disclaimer about not condoning excess speed on the highways, but I think that should be obvious. Remember when trucks looked like trucks and driving them was a great, big, fun, pain-in-the-back?

Anybody remember Monfort? The driver's father drove for Monfort out of Colorado and, obviously, became part of the inspiration for his truck. I've heard stories from my 'ol man and cousins about the Monfort trucks. They all started driving in the late 70's early 80's and had big HP for the day, s and s, they all worked for the same guy pulling dump boxes and eventually some hoppers too. They said no one could keep up with the Monfort trucks, a group of them would pass you fast enough at night that you would just see the trailer of the last one.

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By daveigou , December 11, in Truck Stories. Anybody remember an article about Monfort Transportation published in Comercial Car Journal many years ago? I do remember that article,i have a stack of old trucking magazines going back to the sixties,will see if i can find it when i get some time There was an article in Wheels of Time a while back about Monfort. Or it could have been in Old Time Trucks,a really good antique truck magazine too. ConAgra acquired Monfort in and then merged the operations of a former Monfort competitor Swift Independent Packing Company into the company,.

Ol' MONFORT Drivers?????


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