How to fix a transmission leak

5 Causes of Transmission Fluid Leaks and Repair Cost

how to fix a transmission leak

If your car is leaking transmission fluid, it can cost you a lot of time, money and heartache. One of the main causes of transmission leaks is a cracked pan gasket. Many times the pan isnít secured properly after a transmission fluid change, causing a transmission leak to occur.

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You slowly back out of your driveway with your hand on the headrest, but as you align your vision back to where your car had just been you spot something strange on the cement. Something dark and foreboding. You stop and get out to have a look, and lo and behold to your unsuspecting dread, you see a patch of reddish oil. What do you do? The longer you wait the worse it will be. But what on Earth could be causing it and how can I seal that bad boy up? In most cases, a transmission fluid leak is caused by a gap somewhere in your transmission.

It will form stains on your driveway or garage floor but more importantly, it can cost you a lot of money in repairing the leak and replacing the fluid. To understand the reasons behind leaking transmission fluid and the cost to repair it, keep reading. Your transmission may leak because of minor issues or critical ones. Despite the type of problem that it is, you should never let a leaky transmission wait. Get it checked right away. If you wait to get a simple repair done, the problem will get much worse and cost you more money to fix. Here are 5 of the most common causes of transmission fluid leaks.

If you've ever had to learn the hard way just how much it costs to fix a transmission leak you're well aware for the need to avoid that expense again. The best way.
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We rely on our cars every day to get us where we need to be. This, of course, includes everything from the long commute to work to simply running errands around town. No one has time for a leaky transmission. If your car is leaking transmission fluid, it can cost you a lot of time, money and heartache. One of the main causes of transmission leaks is a cracked pan gasket. This cause is easy to fix.

Transmission fluid is the lifeblood of every automobile. Not only does is remove heat from the internal components of your transmission, but it also actuates gear changes through hydraulic pressure. The following article is designed to help you determine the cause of the leak, and the best way to fix it. This includes small repairs such as replacing fluid lines, gasket, seals, drain plugs or pan bolts. The cost depends mostly on where the leak is.

Transmission Leaks: What Causes Them and How To Fix Them

Fixed transmission leak

How to Fix a Transmission Fluid Leak

For cars 75, miles or over, the likelihood of a crack forming in the seals around your transmission is more likely. After the cracks form, a slow leakage of the transmission fluid red or brown will run onto the ground. This eventually will cause transmission malfunction thus vehicle malfunction. This How-to gives an overview of the options to fix these leaks. Determine if you have a leak. The most obvious sign to a leak is a puddle of liquid on the ground. Park your car on a level surface after running the engine until warm.




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