How long to thaw a 13 lb frozen turkey

How to Safely Thaw a Turkey

how long to thaw a 13 lb frozen turkey

turkey. Find out how much time each method takes, and get tips for best results. There are three ways you can safely thaw frozen turkey: slow, medium, and fast . Take a A pound bird will take about 2 days to thaw completely. Tips for.

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Be careful—Thanksgiving is so close that if you blink, it will be here. By now you've probably hit the grocery store to pick out your turkey. If you chose a frozen turkey, you're already thinking about how—and how long—you're going to thaw it. Since you have absolutely no time to waste, we did all the research and math for you. Any seasoned holiday host can tell you that there are two standard methods for letting your bird chill out. First is the refrigerator method. As you might of guessed, this involves moving your turkey from the freezer to the fridge, and allowing it to thaw slowly at 40 degrees F or lower.

Refrigerator Thawing. Approximate times to defrost a whole turkey in the fridge:. Check out this handy online calculator to determine how long it will take to defrost your frozen turkey. No — as long as the turkey was thawed in the refrigerator. Another plus of thawing turkey in the refrigerator: If your plans change and you decide not to cook the turkey at all, you can safely refreeze the defrosted turkey within 1 to 2 days although there may be some loss of quality. Cold Water Thawing. You can defrost your frozen turkey much faster in cold water.

Safely thawing your frozen turkey is one of the most important steps in your meal prep. Watch Christopher demonstrate our two recommended methods:. Regardless of which method you choose, never thaw a turkey at room temperature. For the best results, follow one of these methods:. A thawed turkey may be kept in the refrigerator 40 degrees F or below up to 4 days before cooking.

Learn how to safely thaw a frozen turkey with help from Butterball®.
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While fresh turkeys are available online and in many grocery stores, many people opt to buy a frozen bird instead. And depending on how big it is, a frozen turkey can take several days to thaw in your fridge. Planning ahead can help prevent problems on the day. Instead, learn how to cook a still-frozen turkey. It's not the best way to cook a turkey, but it's the only safe option. There is only one safe, easy and good way to thaw a frozen turkey, and that is in the refrigerator. It's safe because it stays cold the whole time, thus preventing the growth of dangerous bacteria that can cause food poisoning.

While frozen, a turkey is safe indefinitely. As soon as it begins to thaw, bacteria that may have been present before freezing will begin to grow again. There are three safe ways to defrost a turkey: in the refrigerator, in cold water, and in a microwave oven. The USDA recommends thawing your turkey in the refrigerator. This is the safest method because the turkey will thaw at a consistent, safe temperature. This method takes some time, so allow one day for each 4 - 5 pounds of weight. If your turkey weighs 16 pounds, it will take about four days to thaw.

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How to Thaw a Frozen Turkey





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