How to warm up corn tortillas

How to Reheat Tortillas and Keep Them Soft

how to warm up corn tortillas

How to heat tortillas

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Whether you prefer corn or flour, store-bought or homemade, most people will agree that all of the above are best when heated up. Curious how to warm your tortillas to perfection? This post will walk you through several options. A dry skillet — meaning an ungreased skillet or griddle — is an easy option for warming up tortillas. Heat the skillet over a medium flame and place a tortilla in the pan.

Even though I often end the workday exhausted and just want to wrap rotisserie chicken parts in a store-bought tortilla and shove it in my eating hole, I generally try and take a couple of minutes to warm up said tortillas before I begin my meal. But if you're starving, do you really need to take the time? Do warm tortillas really make that much of a difference? A warm corn tortilla releases all kinds of complex flavors, from savory to earthy. Harold McGee describes the taste of corn tortillas as being "… both meaty and flowery," and combining the sweetness of corn kernels with the earthy alkaline mineral taste of lime. Plus, on a practical note, Eating Well points out that a heated tortilla is flexible and much less likely to crack in two when you're assembling tacos or burritos or biting into one.

Every time a person takes a corn tortilla straight from the package and begins to build a taco, a baby deer sheds a single tear. Or an ice cream cone is dropped. Or a public school loses its arts program. You get it. Something unfortunate happens. Choosing not to warm a corn tortilla before making the trip to Taco Town is a crime.

There are things to know about how to warm corn tortillas properly. lined with a clean kitchen towel and wrap them up so they'll stay warm.
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Restaurant tortillas are sometimes made right on premises, making them ultra-fresh and wonderfully warm and moist. To return your tortillas to their original glory, try one of the following methods. Store-bought flour tortillas lose moisture over time and will become dry or stiff if improperly heated. To reheat them, they should be lightly steamed so that no more moisture is lost. Corn tortillas are much preferred by most Mexicans outside of the northern states. They lack gluten, the protein that makes flour tortillas so silky and pliable.

I use a cast iron skillet. To the other I just top with cheese. In place of a microwave-safe dish, I heat the tortillas in a plastic tortilla holder not the styrofoam type. You can obtain these at any international grocery store or if you live in a community with a large Hispanic population, just about any grocery store. Cancel Print.

How to Heat Tortillas




Warming the tortillas is usually our last step when we're having fajitas for dinner or making a batch of enchiladas. With a little heat, they get soft.
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