How to make a smoke buddy without dryer sheets

How to Make a Sploof With or Without Dryer Sheets

how to make a smoke buddy without dryer sheets

DIY - smoke weed indoors without leaving any smell

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A sploof is an essential piece of kit to keep your smoking sessions on the down-low. They are easy and cheap to make, and work to filter out the smell of cannabis when you exhale. Are you having trouble with anti-cannabis neighbours? Of course, one option is to simply abide by the rules and find a suitable outdoor spot to enjoy getting stoned—a much safer option if possible eviction is in the cards. A sploof is a DIY piece of kit that acts to filter the scent of cannabis from flooding a room when smoking. Sploofs are extremely easy to make and are mostly forged out of items that can be found lying around the house. In essence, a sploof is a tube with a filter on one end.

Thankfully, some ganja genius somewhere came up with a way to mask the scent of weed smoke by passing it through a DIY-filter. This nifty little device became known as a sploof. But what exactly is a sploof? Where did the term come from? And how can you make your own?

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Covering up the smell of smoke can be difficult. It can be made even more difficult if you live with people who don't like smoking in the house. Smoke tends to cling to whatever material it touches, giving off an unpleasant and obvious odor. However there are a few ways that you can try to cover up the smell of smoke and still enjoy smoking indoors. To smoke in your room without getting caught, block the gap under your door with a towel, which will stop the smoke from escaping into the house. Alternatively, open a window or turn on a ventilator to get rid of the smoke. If your clothes smell like smoke, change into a new outfit and put your old clothes in the wash.

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