How to email instagram support

Instagram get hacked? Good luck getting it back.

how to email instagram support

HACKED: How To Recover Hacked Instagram Account 2019

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To submit a support ticket on Instagram follow these steps:. You can also do this although with less options directly on the Instagram mobile app. The steps there are:. The answer is two fold: for starters, your issue is most likely not that high of a priority for Instagram. Second, they have 1 billion users as of June they probably get an absurd amount of support tickets which are too much to handle even for a company the size of Facebook. Instagram is known for their beautiful pictures, not their customer service unfortunately. A good place to go is the Help Portal at help.

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To submit a support ticket on Instagram follow with less options) directly on the Instagram mobile app.
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Contacting Instagram is easy to do. The problem is that receiving a response back, let alone a resolution to your issue, is very difficult. This article covers the best strategies for getting the help you need. You and your attention are the product. Instagram has over million users and the number of support requests they receive is staggering.

Today, we are announcing a change to our account disable policy. Together with Facebook, we develop policies to ensure Instagram is a supportive place for everyone. These changes will help us quickly detect and remove accounts that repeatedly violate our policies. Under our existing policy, we disable accounts that have a certain percentage of violating…. Our mission is to connect you with the people and things you love, which only works if people feel comfortable expressing themselves on Instagram. We know bullying is a challenge many face, particularly young people. We are committed to leading the industry in the fight against online bullying, and we are rethinking the whole experience….

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Instagram has a growing security problem: As the service swells to more than 1 billion users , these accounts are also becoming popular targets for hackers. And if you're one of the thousands of people trying to regain control of a hacked Instagram account , it's often a long, frustrating process.,


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