How to potty train a dog in winter

How to Potty Train Your Puppy During Cold Weather

how to potty train a dog in winter

Potty training a puppy in the winter... fun times

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It is cold and no one really wants to go outside every couple of hours, including your dog. So make it fun! You have to bundle up and go out anyways, so once he does his duty, have a little fun. Here are some of my suggestions on how to house train your pup in the winter. Shovel him a spot: When the snow flies, his usual spots get covered and he is left wondering where he is supposed to go now. You can help him with this! When you are out shoveling paths to cars and the mailbox, shovel your pooch a path to his spot.

When the weather outside is frightful, potty training a pup is not exactly delightful—unless your pup is a St. Bernard or Alaskan malamute. But let's not forget about you. A skimpy bathrobe at 3 a. Here's how to keep warm and potty on. Dress your puppy in a coat and booties if you are training her in extremely cold climates or if there is snow on the ground. Take her outside for as long as she needs to go potty.

Whether you frown or smile when snow falls, you have to remember your beloved dog s during winter months. With a few simple tips, you can keep your dog happy, healthy and training momentum strong even when life is thrown off by frigid temperatures. Health and safety are priority. Many Chicago residents live without a yard. However, if you are fortunate enough to have a fenced-in area, your dog belongs inside. Dog have fur coats but can get frostbite and hyperthermia just like we can. If your leash walking is still a bit dicey, get a harness.

When the temperatures drop, puppy potty training success can also take a downward slide. Persuading a puppy to face the cold rather than potty in the convenience and warmth of the indoors often requires extra effort and planning. Some puppies are relatively unaffected by the winter elements; for these dogs , learning to potty outside, even in the worst weather, can be fairly simple. But for sensitive pups, colder weather can turn potty training into a much bigger chore. My Pug , Willy, was one such puppy; he absolutely hated the cold — and still does!

House-Training a Puppy in the Winter

House-training a puppy is hard enough without trying to tackle potty training in the winter. During the cold winter months, getting your dog to go outside at all may be a struggle. For a little advice on how to potty train a dog when the weather gets cold, we turned to Anthony Bracciante, owner of Sit Means Sit Denver Dog Training.

Learn how to potty train a dog—even when it's freezing outside. Here are some helpful tips for house-training a puppy in the winter.
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    Tips for House-Training a Puppy in the Winter

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    Potty training a puppy in winter weather often requires extra effort and unaffected by the winter elements; for these dogs, learning to potty.

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