How old is neal schon

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how old is neal schon

Neal Joseph Schon (born February 27, ) is an American rock guitarist, songwriter, and Schon first picked up the guitar at "around the age of five." Schon.

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Sign in. Neal dropped out of school when he was 15 to join Carlos Santana 's rock group Santana. Journey released its self-titled debut album in Journey then released "Look Into the Future" and "Next" in Records weren't selling well and the band was told to get a lead singer so they brought in Steve Perry.

Dear Friends to me Jimi stands on the most sacred ground of all and it would be sacrilegious to let this poll go any further. I was tempted to do the same long ago with many of the great guitarists in this fan based poll, but you all were voting so strong and I didn't want to take that great feeling away. Returning to their roots, the band will showcase songs from the very beginning plus pay tribute to your favorite classic hits. With a very broad selection of great material spanning from to now. Schon has promised to dig deep into it All. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for updates. Having grown up in the music industry, I've pretty much seen it all - together with Strax, we're going to do something brand new and take everything to the future; with art, musical expression, clothing everything," said Schon, "and then we're going to take it to the next level and the next level after that.

The fans are so kind and thank me for the videos of Neal and Journey and all of our adventures. I walked all over in front of and around the stage without incident. Then, when the confetti dropped and I was recording the stage, I was suddenly attacked and shoved into the PA. Journey security guards came to my assistance, once seeing the attack. Journey's security reviewed the venue's security tape, and the entire incident was recorded; the approach, attack, security coming to help me, everything. At the end of the tape you see one of the security guards position him against the barrier and later remove him from Neal's protected area while I'm running off because I did break down crying. For over a year, we were strung along believing that it was being pursued, with Irving telling us repeatedly that he had it under control.

Ultimate Santana. Twitter Youtube Facebook. In fact rumor has it that he used to stand far back on the stage, nestled in the protective bosom of the rhythm section. Early versions of the band had featured a second guitar player Tim Frazer, for example , so the concept was not unfamiliar. Plus, the spirit of the jam session was the environment in which the band thrived. Santana Tribute Band Most accurate renditions of Santana songs anywhere. Born just 15 years before he and Santana met, Neal Schon had lived in a number of places prior to settling in the San Francisco bay area both parents were in the military.

Neal Schon: Santana guitarist, Journey legend

Neal Schon

Neal Joseph Schon born February 27, [1] is an American rock guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist, best known for his work with the bands Journey in which he is the only constant original member and Bad English. He was a member of the rock band Santana before forming Journey, and was also an original member of Hardline. Schon also played in Azteca before moving on in to form Journey, a group he has continued to lead to the present day. Schon's guitar style has been described as soulful, taking inspiration from s-era soul singers such as Aretha Franklin and Gladys Knight , and blending it with blues runs similar to B. He also joined Larry Graham to play in an all-star band for cult funk artist and ex-wife of Miles Davis , Betty Davis. In announced a tour to be called Neal Schon's Journey Through Time featuring Castronovo, Rolie and Mendoza for four more concert dates, with the potential for more.

And I really tested the audience the other night in Oakland. We had nearly 3, people there. And it looked like a very mixed audience. So we went way outside. He was playing "Miles Davis-type trumpet on guitar," he says, over a bass groove from Davis' "Jack Johnson" album.


Neal Schon on Journey Through Time: 'It's like the Dead on steroids'




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