How to install beadboard ceiling

All You Need to Know About Beadboard Ceilings

how to install beadboard ceiling

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Learn how to cover a dated, textured, and stained ceiling with a cottage style DIY beadboard ceiling for a custom look. Can you believe I wrote the first draft on this DIY beadboard ceiling post a whole year ago? As I mentioned in the reveal , we kind of shoved the whole powder room project aside to tackle the kitchen. I think that time offered us a new perspective, and this is now my favorite room in the house! I think decor played a huge role in that. I also think my affection for this room has a lot to do with the details we added. I am a huge fan of upgrades like beadboard.

Learn how to cover a dated, textured, and stained ceiling with an easy and inexpensive cottage style DIY beadboard ceiling for a custom look.
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Installing beadboard ceilings in your cabin or home is an easy way to add vintage-feel and character. When we remodeled our cabin, we did just that. Beadboard or beaded ceilings are created using wood tongue and groove boards assembled to build a paneled finish. Today, wainscot and beadboard paneling remains popular as a functional, low-cost, traditional-feeling finish and perfect for cottages and cabins. Although authentic beadboard is built using individual tongue and groove boards, today beadboard surfaces can be created using a few different products. In addition to traditional beadboard, built from single tongue and groove boards, larger manufactured, beadboard-patterned panels are used to create a beadboard-appearing finishes. While I strongly prefer using individual tongue and groove beaded boards to create beadboard finishes, manufactured panels do offer speed and cost savings.

Prominent in the trim aisles of home improvement stores and popular on home remodeling shows, beadboard offers a great way to dress-up drab walls and ceilings. When installed on a surface, it gives the appearance of two or three narrower boards side by side. Beadboard was traditionally used on the lower area of walls i. In the late s, beadboard often milled from white pine was introduced as paneling for interior walls. Its dual purpose was to add a degree of insulation and to protect the lower part of the wall from chair bumps and boot scuffs.

DIY Beadboard Ceiling

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