How to ride a wheelie on a quad

How to Pop a Wheelie on ATV or Dirt Bike

how to ride a wheelie on a quad

How To Wheelie A Sport Quad

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Riders all have their own bag of tricks, but the one everyone secretly wants to master is the wheelie. Knowing that, here are three steps that might make the maneuver safer and easier. In most cases a lower tire pressure is advised. The pressure in each tire should be adjusted so that the quad tracks in a straight line when on a flat surface. Newer fabricated bars are stronger and will last longer, and can take the abuse of being scraped on the ground. Wheelies can be performed seated, standing, split, or standing on the seat, but until you get very good at the technique the stand up position is probably easiest.

Doing a wheelie on a quad might seem hard, but if you practice and do it right it becomes easy. If you use proper technique, doing wheelies on a quad can be done safely, and is a lot fun. It is important to take your time learning, and wear proper safety gear. A helmet and goggles, gloves, boots, long pants, and a chest piece are all recommended. For the best safety gear check out the recommended gear section of this site. You can learn and perform a wheelie on most any stock quad.

Registration is fast and you can even login with social network accounts to sync your profiles and content. My quad doesn't have the power to pull one from a stop so I try to use the trail to help me out. At the end of this video I pull a small one by shifting my weight to the back of the quad right before a little bump in the trail and then gas it when the front tires hit the upside of it. It's hard to see the bump, but you can see the quad rolling over it. It made my surfing a little harder too.

Doug started his career performing at intermission shows during Friday-night races at his home track in Red Bud, Michigan. Doug once rode a wheelie for continuous miles to garner a Guinness World Record, and ATVs were always part of his act. The ability to wheelie a machine at will is a skill we all desired at one point in our childhood.


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