How do i backup my photos to google drive

How to back up your photos from your Google Drive

how do i backup my photos to google drive

Beginner's Guide to Google Drive for Windows - Backup and Sync 2018 Tutorial


A picture is worth a thousand words, or so the saying goes. Something so valuable should be kept safe and secure. Might be a good idea to set up your mobile device to back up all of your photos and videos to another location, just in case. More than enough to hold a few thousand photos if it is your will to do so. However, mobile phones are anything but secure. You could forget about it and leave it at work, have it slip from your pocket during a movie screening, misplace it while out shopping or have it stolen during a night out.

Like most Google apps, though, Photos has some idiosyncrasies that are worth learning to ensure your backup trundles away in the background like a friendly robot lawnmower. Sounds a bit like Google Drive or Dropbox, right? While there are similarities, Photos is less a folder-based filing cabinet and more a giant photo album with basic editing tools and clever machine learning. There are two ways to start your Google Photos backup from the desktop app or the smartphone app. This replaces two older desktop apps Google Photos Backup and Drive and lets Photos make clones of your photos and videos to stash away safely in the cloud. Are these exact copies or compressed versions?

If you want to back up and store your photos and videos, one of your best options is to upload them to Google Photos, a cloud storage option. You can do so on Android phones, iPhones, tablets, Macs, or Windows PCs, as there are apps or options open to all platforms. You can upload to Google Photos in 'High Quality' which gives you unlimited storage, but they'll be automatically compressed if they're over 16MP; alternatively you can store them as 'Original' which doesn't compress them, but gives you a 15GB limit, although you can buy more space if you want. Sometimes it can be a little fiddly knowing how to upload to Google Photos though, as the app expects you to enable auto back-up or syncing, so if you want to add other images or if the app, for whatever reason, doesn't back up all your pictures. So if you're in that situation, and want to upload to Google Photos yourself, this is how to do it. Bear in mind that although Google Photos itself offers limited tools for editing, we've also rounded up a list of the best free photo editors to help get your pictures looking amazing without spending a penny.

You probably have a photo library the size of Texas sitting on your hard drive. If you were smart you probably spent a weekend meticulously backing up your photo library to DVD or some other form of media and then you took all of those disks down to your safety deposit box at the bank for safekeeping. Google in their infinite generosity has decided to provide unlimited photo storage to all with a couple of caveats. Once the app is downloaded and installed, do the following. Open the Google Photos iOS app on your mobile device.

Google Photos: how to back up and organise your photos

If you want to see Google Photos integrated into Insync, email us a feature request at support insynchq. Photos and videos are two of the best ways to remember special events and significant moments in our life. - The same goes for changes you make to a photo in one service.

How to Upload Photos to Google Drive (iOS Tutorial) [Photo Backup]




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