How to open captive bead ring

How to Insert/Remove a Captive Bead Ring

how to open captive bead ring

Odds are, you've seen someone with captive bead ring body If the gap doesn't look large enough to remove the piercing, pry it open a little.

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There are two primary styles of captive bead rings: Snap Fit captive rings and traditional, tension-style captive bead rings. The chart immediately below compares these two captive ring styles. When you read about each style, you'll better understand why tension-style captive rings require ring opening and ring closing pliers to manipulate while Snap Fit captive bead rings do not. You see, Snap Fit captive rings have built-in, spring-loaded mechanisms for holding their captive beads in place, so no tools are needed to pop in their captive beads. Traditional tension-style captive rings, on the other hand, hold their beads in place with natural tension that has be be countered with tools. We show you how to utilize special pliers available here on Painfulpleasures. First, here's a more-detailed breakdown of the differences between Snap Fit captive bead rings and traditional tension-style captive rings:.

Captive bead rings are the trickiest of jewelry to get into your ear, especially by yourself!
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They can be used in almost any type of piercing, and they can even help your piercing heal faster. To open the captive bead ring, you usually need a special tool called a ring opener , and large gauges may require a large ring opener. To close the ring you will need ring closing pliers , or large ring closing pliers for large gauges. However, these tools are not necessary for acrylic rings, as they can easily be opened and closed by hand. Show 40 80 items per page.

A captive bead ring CBR , ball closure ring BCR , captive hoop , or captive ball ring is a common example of body piercing jewelry. The captive bead or ball fits into a small opening in the circle of the ring. The bead is slightly larger than this opening and has small indentations or depressions that correspond to the ring's end-points so that it may fit snugly against them, thus completing the circuit of the ring. Often, a hole is drilled through the bead to allow easier fitting. It uses the natural tensile or compressive strength of the metal the ring is made of, usually surgical stainless steel , niobium , or titanium , to hold the bead tightly in place.

Odds are, you've seen someone with captive bead ring body jewelry and wondered exactly how it was put on and taken off. If you're new to piercings, or don't have piercings that require CBR, it can be a bit puzzling—the name isn't a lie, the bead is "captive. If you're in a situation where a trip to the piercer isn't possible, that's going to be a frustrating answer. But a trip to the piercing studio isn't always in the cards, particularly for something as simple as a jewelry change. It's important to know what you're doing so you don't end up hurting yourself. Regardless, if the piercing is infected or not yet healed, don't do this outside of a piercing studio.

Captive bead ring

The reason that they are called Captive Bead Rings is because the Jewelry( 12g and up) may require ring expansion pliers to open the ring.
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