How to wear blue eyeshadow

How to Wear Blue Eyeshadow

how to wear blue eyeshadow

How to Wear BLUE Eyeshadow Like a Pro!

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Purple may have been the most popular eyeshadow color with Pinterest users, but blue has been a staple among numerous celebrities. From Millie Bobby Brown's galactic-inspired coloring to Ashley Benson's soft shimmer , it's apparent that Hollywood doesn't mind getting a little blue. Want to rock the red carpet ready shade in your own beauty routine? We've got your guide on how to wear Rihanna's new fave makeup color. Dean told Teen Vogue that the color is universally flattering and fun, saying, "They [blue eyeshadow] work on all different skin tones, so there's no need to concern yourself with undertones like you would for the perfect lipstick. The rules are much more fluid here.

We're percent with you -- it can seem scary putting blue on your peepers. The good news? This hot hue is totally wearable, whether you're a blonde, redhead, or brunette. Celebrity Makeup Artist Laura Dillon says the key is following a few simple guidelines:. Since blue is a primary color, it can easily take on a different hue once its applied to bare skin.

What do you get when you mix bold brows, mauve-crystal lips, and a full lid of icy blue eyeshadow? While you may be quick to answer "a hot mess," the correct answer would be Elle Fanning's utterly refreshing look on the cover of Interview Magazine's May issue. While the makeup choice is a risky one, the 16 year-old star of the upcoming Maleficent pulls it off with flying pastel colors. In fact, with this breezy, playful look Fanning fits right in with our Freewheeling theme for May—proving that, if anything, beauty rules were made to be broken. Gift Now Treat Yourself.

If, like me, you had relegated blue eye shadow to the bottom of your makeup bag, filing it under "beauty trends never to try again," I suggest you pull it immediately back out of the archives.
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Skip navigation! Story from Beauty. A lot of people refer to the '90s as the golden decade for style and beauty inspo, but with all due respect, we've got to give the early s its props. After all, those are the years that gave us layer lip gloss , the tiniest crop tops known to man, and a whole lot of denim. And then there's blue eyeshadow.

Years ago you would see blue eyeshadow on runways and in the pages of Vogue, but never on the streets of New York. Not anymore. Vibrant blue shades are a beauty trend that has staying power simply because it can be striking on the right woman. Some women look good in it, others don't and any time a celebrity pops up on the red carpet in blue eyeshadow, a debate persists on whether it was a big faux pas or not witness Nicole Richie at the Golden Globes. Most women look great in neutral shades, like bone or browns, but the brighter the shade, the harder it is to get it right. This trend got its start in the Victorian period when a bluish tinge to the eyelids was considered beautiful and the sign of a weak and innocent heart. But not everyone can get away with it.

The Right Way to Wear Blue Eyeshadow

Wedgwood Blue: The Most Surprising Eye Shadow Hit of the Season


From the spring runways to the red carpet, blue eyeshadow is having a major moment. We're percent with you -- it can seem scary.
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